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  • Gomez: Refrain from eating Brazilian corned beef until all-clear

    Consumer Protection Commission Chairman Jerome Gomez is warning consumers to refrain from eating corned beef until the Ministry of Agriculture lifts the precautionary ban on all beef products and beef by-products being imported from Brazil. Speaking with Guardian Business yesterday, Gomez said he i... Read More
  • Super Value owner: No risk to the public with our corned beef

    Owner of Super Value Rupert Roberts said yesterday that there is no risk involved in consumers purchasing corned beef, despite the Brazilian meatpacking scandal that led countries around the world, including The Bahamas, to put a precautionary import ban on beef and beef products such as corned beef... Read More
  • Some hotels posting strong spring break numbers

    Some New Providence hotels are eyeing strong occupancy rates not only during the spring break season, but into Easter and beyond, thanks to a number of sporting events on New Providence. Jermaine Wright, general manager of Comfort Suites on Paradise Island, told Guardian Business that spring break ... Read More
  • Davis: Road to number portability not easy, but Aliv is ready

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of BeAliv Ltd. Dwayne Davis said yesterday that the platform for mobile number portability (MNP) is ready, but the road to get there was far from “easy”. “It definitely wasn’t easy. Everything we do, we are doing from scratch. Mind you, there are vendors that ... Read More
  • Jet Ski operators’ business so far unaffected by U.S. Embassy warning

    Jet Ski operators have been largely unaffected by a warning issued through the United States Embassy in Nassau urging visitors not to use their services, but they are worried that continued warnings will eventually cause their operations to tank. As the spring break season began, the U.S. Embassy i... Read More
  • Aliv appoints Gravette Brown to lead business development

    Aliv has announced that Gravette Brown has joined the company as its chief Aliv business developer, responsible for driving business development, fundraising, and investor relations initiatives. She will work closely with the company’s senior management team to establish business goals and identif... Read More
  • BHTA, Walden University honor ‘tourism champion’ from Atlantis

    The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) has partnered with Walden University to honor, celebrate and provide educational opportunities to the BHTA’s “tourism champions”. “Tourism champions put forth by their employers are persons who contribute significantly to the tourism industry... Read More
  • More than 3,000 pass through NTA; 70% find employment

    The National Training Agency (NTA) is boasting 70 percent employment after participants have acquired a variety of skills for the workforce. Minister of Labour and National Insurance Shane Gibson addressed the success of the NTA during the graduating ceremony of Cohort 7 on Thursday, March 23, 2017... Read More
  • Williams: Voice services a loss in years to come

    CEO of Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) Leon Williams said, in a couple of years, voice services are "going to be a giveaway" and the telecoms company will just have to find new streams of revenue. Speaking with Guardian Business, Williams said voice services will be a "loss" in the years t... Read More
  • Report notes Bahamas’ high tax-to-GDP increase

    A new report has revealed that The Bahamas recorded the highest tax-to-GDP increase in 2015 in comparison to 24 Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. The report also showed that government earned $1.76 billion in tax revenue in 2015, the same year value-added tax (VAT) was introduced. The m... Read More
  • BAMSI taking steps to revive local small ruminant industry

    More than 40 acres of legume forages are being established on Andros in order to grow protein-rich food for the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute's (BAMSI) small ruminants breeding program and Bahamian farmers, according to the institute. A press release issued by BAMSI yesterday re... Read More


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