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Insight (Keyshelle Davis)

Five reasons companies fail at customer service
The fundamental purpose of a business is to get and keep customers. As a corporate trainer, I receive lots of requests for customer service training from companies large and small. It is a topic that touches every business and industry. Almost every ...
Seven keys to planning a productive and profitable year
Planning plays a vital role in high achievement. Studies show that businesses and teams that plan perform up to 60 percent better than those that don’t. However, at the start of February, experience says that many with critical business, executive ...
Seventeen financial principles for 2017
Can you imagine going from being a young, successful and highly paid career girl to having your car repossessed not once but three times in the same year? Well that’s exactly what happened to me not that long ago! Chalk it up to the learning curve...
Six steps to plan your 2017 success
According to Jim Rohn, personal development expert, “our results are only as good as our plan.” I recently taught a personal success workshop where one of the key topics included developing a one-year plan. When I polled the students more than h...
The road to change: Eight steps to making a smooth transition
Both The Bahamas and the United States have experienced a significant historical change in the past week. In the United States, we witnessed the stunning change of power in the highest position in the land. In The Bahamas, we proudly witnessed the tr...
You will never be successful without passion: Five steps to fire it up
Two weeks ago, I asked an audience filled with young professionals and entrepreneurs the question, “How many of you want to be successful?” The entire room raise their hands. Then I asked the followup questions, “How badly do you want that suc...

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