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Aliv takes pride in its corporate culture

Senior Business Reporter

Published: Mar 21, 2017

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If you’ve never been in the offices of Google, Aliv’s headquarters might strike you as a scaled down version of what you might have imagined the search engine and email giant’s offices to be.

Aliv’s staff sit in an open floor plan designed office with executive offices glass-walled, making them as transparent as Aliv Chief Marketing Officer Johnny Ingle said the company wants to be with its staff and with the country.

Ingle told Guardian Business that this is what Aliv’s model was meant to be, and the executive team has brought that concept into its office space to the benefit of the employees.

He said the company has committed itself to building the best team and placing them in the best environment in order for them to roll out the best mobile service in the country.

“We’re deeply proud of what we’re doing and we’re deeply motivated by everything we’re doing with the team,” said Ingle.

“We have a professional and personal obligation to ensure that only the very best Bahamians are brought on board and get the experience they need.”

With an open floor concept and long desks populated by hundreds of employees surrounded by huge, bold positive quotes on white walls, it is no wonder that the office was abuzz with activity and warm greetings as Guardian Business sat with Ingle.

“You can’t talk about visibility and transparency unless that’s your physical environment, or else you’re not living the brand,” he said.

“The whole idea about having it like this is so we can wander around and talk to people.”

Aliv employees have a break room with sofas and a television where they eat lunch from the resident cafe,“Soul In Da Bowl”. Recently, Aliv and Soul In Da Bowl assisted with feeding firefighters working to extinguish the blaze at the New Providence Landfill.

Aliv has made an aggressive effort to roll out the country’s newest mobile service in only four months, while creating an amazing corporate culture for its team. And while many Bahamians seem to be satisfied with the new provider, Ingle said they are not resting on their laurels.

“We are our own most aggressive critic,” he said. “ When we make a mistake we say sorry.”


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