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Accountability, integrity and hard work

  • Tianya K. Johnson.

Published: Jul 28, 2016

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Name: Tianya K. Johnson

Industry position: Manager of card services, Bank of the Bahamas Limited


What attracted you to the sector?

I have always been quite fascinated by the world of finance and this passion continued during my internship with Bank of The Bahamas. Naturally I wanted to explore more and take full advantage of all the opportunities this sector offers.


How long have you been involved in financial services? What keeps you motivated?

I have been involved with this sector for the past eight years.

The desire to succeed in the industry and my burning fire for excellence and providing a satisfactory product to The Bahamian people keep me motivated. I strive to achieve something different each day.


Why do you think you have been successful? Did mentoring play a part in your success?

In my humble opinion, success comes with the constant application of life’s basic tenets: accountability, integrity and, of course, hard work. It hasn’t hurt either having the full support of my family who encourage me daily to put God first in all things.

Additionally, the desire to constantly challenge myself and equip myself with innovations in the industry contribute to keeping me grounded. Mentoring has absolutely impacted my success greatly.

This has prompted me to encourage and assist young trainees under my care to strive to achieve their full potential as a way of passing on all the knowledge learnt from my mentors.


What qualifications do you feel are the most useful in helping you perform in the sector?

Obviously my academic qualifications, including my degree in finance, are primordial in performing my duties. However I have come to realize that attention to detail in my daily interactions with different clients and the varying degrees of services I provide to them are just as equally important.


What has been the biggest challenge in your career and how have you overcome it?

Some of my biggest challenges include how to help modernize the traditional banking system and make it compatible with today’s constantly evolving technological landscape. These mounting challenges have prompted me to regularly evaluate and improve our operations to enable us keep up with the rapid pace of change.


What advice would you give young people just starting in the industry?

I would counsel them to first and foremost be furiously passionate and driven. They should be meticulous in the daily execution of their duties and seize every opportunity provided to them to enhance their qualifications and knowledge. We only succeed if our customers are gleefully satisfied.


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