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Your energy tip of the week: solar landscape lights


Published: Feb 06, 2017

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Nightscaping is the design of outdoor accent lighting to enhance your property’s beauty at night. This shouldn’t be confused with flood lights. You can use nightscaping to show off your plants and gardens, to line your walkways or driveways, to add pizzazz to your pools and fountains or just to delineate certain areas, like entrances and exits. On an industrial scale, you might turn nightscaping into hardscaping, such as by having low-light markers in the asphalt along secluded roads.

Nightscaping has always been an appealing yet challenging venture. To do it right requires wiring, trenching, a long and disruptive installation, placement and purchase of dozens of low voltage lights, and, of course, recurring electricity bills. This, combined with the short life span of the products, due to poor quality and the harsh weather, has caused many a property manager to hesitate to move forward.

Fortunately, today we get to discuss an easy, quick and affordable solution for nightscaping your property – high quality solar wireless lighting. High quality solar solutions come with warranties of three to five years in The Bahamas and 10 or more years of maintenance-free life.

Aside from the high quality, what makes solar lights an ideal solution for nightscaping? How do you know they are high quality? Consider the following:

• Environmentally friendly: There is no need to burn fossil fuels to give you beautiful light all night, every night.

• Financially friendly: No wiring is required. That means no costs for you in trenching, running wires, tying into electric supply, filling in and smoothing over the trenches, and (most importantly) no recurring electric bills. You avoid all those costs!

• Installer friendly. The quick and simple install procedure is secure and involves no trenching and little disruption. Many installs are completed in less than a day. This saves time and money.

• Theft un-friendly: In my experience, some people have hesitated to upgrade to solar landscape lights because they feared they would be easy to steal. However, proper nightscape solar solutions are firmly bound to the ground or wall by hardened epoxy. Many are even flush-mounted, so someone isn’t just going to walk by and quickly ‘yuck up’ your light.

• Weather friendly: Quality solar solutions are fully IP68 rated for all outdoor weather and give 16 hours of light. They only take three hours to fully charge in bright sun and eight hours when it’s overcast. That means, even in winter, the lights will last all night. Just as importantly, they are UV protected and won’t turn yellow over time. (Beware cheap counterfeits for this reason. Who wants an ugly yellow splotch on their property that does not give proper light?)

• Hardscape friendly: If desired, solar versions are available that are built to be walked over or driven on.

• Underwater friendly: Suitable solutions are available for both above and below the water level. If you want lights in your pool, you can rest assured that they will charge underwater and last 10+ years.

• Maintenance un-friendly: There is no maintenance at all. With no batteries or bulbs to replace, each unit is entirely self-contained.

• Innovator friendly: These solutions use cutting-edge pseudocapacitor and LED technology to make the most of solar power.

• Designer friendly: There are multiple designs and an array of colors to suit any taste. Similarly, your light pattern can be steady or flashing, depending on preference.

It doesn’t take much to realize why wireless solar lighting is such a great solution to the challenge of nightscaping. It just makes sense. That’s why these solutions have been used in every hemisphere of the world, in places like boat ramps, roads, zoos, memorials and parks. You could also use them for nightscaping or hardscaping in foot paths, driveways, stairs, gardens, decks, walls, guardrails and almost anywhere else you can think of.

Do you want to add more appeal to your property every night? Choose an environmentally savvy solution. Choose a solar light designed for nightscaping, and save time and money while enjoying your light. Contact your local energy-efficient product specialist to find out how you can get started.


• Joshua Key is the general manager of SuperGreen Solutions Bahamas, located on Wulff Road next to FYP. SuperGreen Solutions leads the market as one of the premier advisors, suppliers and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions, making it truly a ‘one-stop, energy-efficient solution shop’. Having been in the energy efficiency industry for over 19 years, the founders have established a solid reputation spanning five continents. SuperGreen Solutions is different because it looks at energy creation and energy saving from a holistic point of view, to provide clients with total solutions.


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