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Green Energy (Joshua Key)

Your green tip of the week: Purify your air naturally
We talk about our Bahamas being clean, green and pristine. Recent days, however, have seemed anything but that. We have had toxic smoke billowing in our capital that saw residents evacuated from their homes. The worst part is this is not a new proble...
Your green tip of the week: Tubular skylights
Property owners can spend thousands of dollars on renovations and refurbishments to increase the value and marketability of their property. However, there is a much easier and less expensive way to boost the value of a home, office or industrial spac...
Your green tip of the week: The cost of light is falling
You might say, “What do you mean the cost of light is falling? My light bill is going up! BPL’s rates are increasing! How can you say the cost of light is falling?!” I’d reply, “I’d be happy to tell you how – and how you can take advan...
Your energy tip of the week: solar landscape lights
Nightscaping is the design of outdoor accent lighting to enhance your property’s beauty at night. This shouldn’t be confused with flood lights. You can use nightscaping to show off your plants and gardens, to line your walkways or driveways, to a...
Your energy tip of the week: Grid tie is coming
Happy New Year to all our readers! I was very excited in December when the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) released its proposed revisions to Bahamas Power and Light’s (BPL) small-scale renewable generation plan. In other word...
Your energy tip of the week: hybrid water heaters
Almost everyone I speak with guesses wrong when I ask them what a hybrid water heater is. Do you think you can do better? What would you guess it is? If you said a hybrid water heater uses solar power, you just made the same wrong guess as everyone e...
Your green tip of the week: Tankless water heating
I recently had one of my clients tell me that he takes cold showers most of the year. He’s from the islands and that makes him used to it, he said. But with winter here, he called me to his home to check out water heating options. The one foremost ...
Your green tip of the week: after the hurricane
With many of our fellow Bahamians still without power after the storm, and some not expected to have their lights restored for a long time, I wanted to give a lay of the land when it comes to solar power generation. If you are looking to find or prov...


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