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Green Energy (Joshua Key)

Your energy tip of the week: hybrid water heaters
Almost everyone I speak with guesses wrong when I ask them what a hybrid water heater is. Do you think you can do better? What would you guess it is? If you said a hybrid water heater uses solar power, you just made the same wrong guess as everyone e...
Your green tip of the week: Tankless water heating
I recently had one of my clients tell me that he takes cold showers most of the year. He’s from the islands and that makes him used to it, he said. But with winter here, he called me to his home to check out water heating options. The one foremost ...
Your green tip of the week: after the hurricane
With many of our fellow Bahamians still without power after the storm, and some not expected to have their lights restored for a long time, I wanted to give a lay of the land when it comes to solar power generation. If you are looking to find or prov...
How smart is your grid?
We have been fortunate enough to observe how nations around the world are making energy changes. By rolling out energy innovations, they show they are taking sustainability and future power delivery seriously. We can adopt many of those here in The B...
Your energy tip of the week: solar water heaters
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 35 percent of the average home’s electric bill is from water heating. Today, we will discuss how to reduce that, make The Bahamas a little greener and save money. Why does water heating cost so much mone...
How to save money on your electric bill this summer, pt. 3
I was recently speaking with an officer for a chain of restaurants here in The Bahamas. He told me that this summer, electricity usage went up 10 to 15 percent across all their locations just because it’s so hot. Many homes feel this even more acut...
Don’t throw your money out the window
Where do you suppose heat enters your home most easily? Did you guess the window? For homes and businesses using air-conditioning without properly sealed windows, as much as 10 to 20 percent of your power bill is a result of your A/C being countered ...
How to save money on your electric bill this summer, pt. 2
When do Bahamians use more electricity than any other time of year? Summer, obviously. Air conditioning is the single biggest contributor to the electric bill in homes that run it, and during the summer, our AC units work harder than any other time o...

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