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Jury clears man of Eleuthera murder

Guardian Senior Reporter

Published: Aug 18, 2012

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The murder trial of Kevin Dawkins ended in an acquittal on Friday with jurors returning an 11-1 verdict.

Dawkins, 27,  who is black, was accused of the murder of Fitzroy McDonald, the fiance of his former girlfriend, Kimberley Morgan.

Morgan, a 50-year-old Caucasian with waist-length blonde hair, said that Dawkins broke into her home at Cave Hill Road in Gregory Town, Eleuthera, around 11 p.m. on November 19, 2009.

Morgan said she ran into the bathroom and leaned against the door to keep him out. Morgan said Dawkins, a former Defence Force marine, overpowered her and entered the room. She said Dawkins choked her and stabbed her in the face and neck with a cooking fork.

Morgan said she managed to bend the tines on the fork.  She said she escaped through a window after McDonald, whom she met while on vacation in Jamaica in August 2009 — a month after breaking up with Dawkins —came to her rescue.

McDonald came to visit Morgan, who rents cottages on her property to tourists, in October 2009 and they became engaged in November.

Morgan said as she was fleeing, she saw Dawkins’ hand moving in a stabbing motion over McDonald.

Police later found McDonald, a 39-year-old black Jamaican with dread locks, lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds to the neck and shoulder.

Around 6:30 a.m. on November 20, police said they saw Dawkins on Morgan’s property with a butcher knife that came from her kitchen.

He jumped into the sea from a nearby cliff and swam with the knife, according to police.

Police pursued Dawkins by boat and ordered him to drop the knife before they brought him in the boat.

Dawkins’ lawyer, Murrio Ducille, said that Morgan could not be believed.

Comparing her to the famed Annie Palmer, who was known as the White Witch of the Rose Hall plantation in Jamaica, Ducille said Morgan had destroyed every man that she had come into contact with. Palmer reportedly destroyed her lovers.

Ducille said her former husband was addicted to drugs, Dawkins was in problems and McDonald was dead.

Ducille said, “With her, you are bound to entertain doubts, period. Not even reasonable doubt.”

He said Morgan was so upset about the end of the relationship that she would go to any length to send Dawkins to prison.

He pointed to the evidence of Hensell Brennen, who said that Morgan gave him money and promised him property if he gave evidence to implicate Dawkins in the murder.

Ducille said, “If she could go to that extent to get someone to say certain things in court, think about it. She has an intent.”

However, Prosecutor Jillian Williams said Ducille had not addressed the central issues in the case. She said that Morgan was not on trial for her relationships or love of younger black men.

Williams asked, “Where is the evidence she wanted the accused Kevin Dawkins?  It seems to me it was the other way around.”

She said Dawkins was so obsessed with Morgan that police found him “lurking” on her property hours after the murder.

She said Morgan’s evidence was substantiated by the testimony of other witnesses and physical evidence. He said police confirmed that Morgan made a complaint about Dawkins trespassing on her property several hours before the murder.

Jurors were shown photographs of bruises on Morgan’s neck.

Williams said police retrieved the bent fork and the butcher knife that was recovered from the sea shortly after Dawkins dropped it there.

As for Brennen’s assertion that Morgan tried to influence his testimony, Williams said his evidence was worthless.

Williams said Brennen admitted to committing perjury and was nor prepared to give evidence in accordance with his statement to police.

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