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Celebrate your kinks and curls

  • Rock it: Kinked, curled and loving rocking the natural look. File photo

Lifestyles Editor

Published: Aug 12, 2011

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If you’re happy being nappy or one of the many people who are just beginning to embrace their unique kinks and curls then All U’s natural hair care launch and mixer is the hot spot for you to mix and mingle with the like-minded set. This weekend is a celebration of natural hair. This two-night event kicks off tomorrow night at 7 o’clock at the Marley Resort on Cable Beach.  It will be a “sex-in-the-city”, cosmopolitan kind of affair that the natural-haired sister looking for a good time this weekend will not want to miss out on.

“It will be a smooth and exciting two evenings, Saturday and Sunday, where people with natural hair or those interested in it will be able to mix and mingle in a fun-filled evening to remember,” says LaShona Knowles, proprietor of All U.  There will be a natural hair showcase where people not familiar with the possibilities of having natural hair can see first hand how beautiful and easy it is to style. There will be a seminar on taking care of natural hair ongoing at the event so the frequently asked questions can be answered.  Of course there will also be good music and food just to top off the evening right.

“There is nothing like seeing a woman strut her stuff and hair that’s bobbing healthy, and most importantly, all hers.  It is fabulous.  I want to see women out to the Marley resort where we will have a remarkable natural hair exhibition and  even have a strut the runway natural hair fashion show.  It will be exciting.”

This event, which also serves as the official launch of Knowles’ All U hair product line, is expected to draw many people natural and those curious about the concept.  Even if you are transitioning to having natural hair or only thinking about it, this is an event anyone who loves healthy hair and knowing how to care for it will appreciate it.  Natural hair products from All U and numerous other hand-made product lines will be on sale and for sampling at the event.

“The highlight of the evening to me besides all the fun, fashion and glamor will be the ‘Big Chop.’ This will be where a couple of young ladies who have been contemplating going natural take the big step and get their hair cut off.  One lady will be getting all [her hair cut off], and the other opted to transition so we will just cut off the relaxed ends.  It will be exciting to see the birth of another natural-haired person and that is just special.”

Throughout the evening there will also be numerous chances to win fabulous prizes.  An exciting silent auction will also bring some spice to this party.  Items to be won include gift certificates, makeovers, signature handbags, make-up, jewelry and clothing.

Sherrelle-lee Coakley, an advocate for natural hair who finds herself constantly giving advice to people about properly maintaining their kinks says this is the kind of event the natural-haired community has been waiting for.

“What we have here is a natural hair craze going on in this country and it is about time.  I am glad events like this are going on because so many people get discouraged when they feel outside of the norm. This event will show them they are not alone and there is much to be happy about. This is a good opportunity for more people to understand how to properly take care of what God naturally gave you whether it’s naturally straight or naturally curly.  Not only that, but even if your hair is natural, not being aware of what you use in your hair is still a very bad thing.  I had a friend who went natural and became discouraged because her hair just wouldn’t grow.  I found out she was using synthetic products which are really bad for hair.  I mean the things she was using was just drying out and breaking her hair and caking up her pores.”

Coakley says events like this are good because it’s more than just about fun, but educational as people can pool information and learn from each other and experts so they know what they are doing wrong so they can do better in order to have the healthiest hair possible.


When: Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14

Where: The Marley Resort

Time: 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Cost: Free

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