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Police raids anger residents

Officers storm Nassau Village, Pinewood
Guardian Staff Reporter

Published: May 03, 2013

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As relatives of murdered alleged gang leader Julian ‘Heads’ Collie were preparing to view his body at a local funeral home last night, police stormed his family’s Price Street home and arrested one of his cousins in a series of raids in the Nassau Village and Pinewood Gardens areas.

Those raids led to several other young men being detained just days before Collie’s funeral.

When The Guardian arrived in Nassau Village around 6:30 p.m. four police cars were driving around picking up young men on at least three separate streets.

Collie, 34, was chased and shot dead by gunmen outside a home in Millars Heights on April 17, police said.

His funeral is scheduled for tomorrow.

A well-placed police source told The Nassau Guardian that Collie is the suspected leader of the Nassau Village-based Fire and Theft Crew.

However, his family insists he was not a gang leader.

Residents and the family of Collie were livid with police, who were heavily armed when they entered the homes, calling the arrests unfair and unwarranted.

At one point residents got into a verbal battle with police who eventually drove away after picking up two men on Matthew Street.

When contacted last night, Minister of State for National Security Keith Bell said he was unaware that police were arresting young men in the area.

Collie’s brother, Elric Collie, said his family was just about to leave home to view his body when a “swarm” of police showed up.

“At 6:15 p.m. about...two vans...and almost about 18 cars in total [flew] up around here with one bogus warrant,” he said.

“The warrant was for housebreaking and armed robbery and other nonsense.

“They went across the road in my neighbor’s house, took the little boys outside the house who were watching TV and apparently detained them.

“Any young man they met on the road who they knew hung out with my brother or was with him, they locked them up.”

Elric Collie maintained that his brother was not involved in any gang activity.

His mother, Sarah Collie, 71, said she was frustrated by what happened.

“I was alright, but right now I’m not alright,” she said.

“I saw a squad of police come with more guns. If they were in the army they wouldn’t have had as [many] guns as they did when they came here.

“My son is in the morgue, not even in the morgue but in the dead house.

“What did they carry the [people’s] children for, just so they don’t go to a funeral?

“They don’t have to be to the funeral.  Julian has six brothers and five sisters and I have more than 100 grandchildren, so we don’t need [any] strangers there.”

Deidre Finley, Julian Collie’s cousin who lives in Pinewood, said police also visited her residence and tore her house apart.

“I told them to go ahead and search because there was nothing to find,” she said.

“One officer, man he was over doing it.

“He dumped everything, threw everything down. He was carrying on terrible.

“I said, ‘Let them do their job’.”

Finley said police took about nine young men from that residence.

She added that they did not search anyone else’s home on her street.

“There is no justice,” she said,

“My cousin died, my nephew (Cordero Finley) died and the police haven’t even come to us to say they found the people responsible.”

Finley died in the Baller’s Club shooting at the foot of the Paradise Island exit bridge in August 2012.

A funeral is scheduled for Collie at Final Hour Ministries in Fox Hill at 12 p.m. tomorrow.

The Guardian understands that police will be present to keep the peace.

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