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Lewis challenges Sands

  • Iram Lewis.

Guardian Sports Reporter

Published: May 04, 2013

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Iram Lewis has openly challenged Mike Sands to expose the evidence and charges that are levied against him and two other executive members.

Lewis, the first vice president in the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA), said he has done nothing wrong and Sands should produce whatever information he has. Lewis noted that he would continue to show up at all executive meetings since he is a member of the board. In fact, Lewis, Carl Oliver and Harrison Petty attempted to sit in on a meeting Thursday evening.

According to Lewis they were all asked to leave by Sands, who sits as a president of the local organization.

“Whatever charges they have against me, let them bring the charges out, present it and let it be refuted,” said Lewis. “If I can’t refute it and they can prove whatever charges that they bring, fine. Other than that, they are wasting their time. I will put it in bold and capital letters that they are wasting their time. They are not playing with someone who doesn’t know parliamentary procedures, or the rules that complement parliamentary procedures. I know my rights [and] the rules very well. So I openly challenge them to bring whatever charges they have and present it. I have no fear because I did nothing wrong.

“After we had our press conference [on Thursday], we found out that there was an executive meeting being called, and since we are executives in the BAAA, we attended the meeting. The meeting was at the BAAA’s office where we have our executive meetings so there is no reason why we couldn’t be there. When BAAA President Mike Sands came in, he indicated that he had a meeting the night before and the persons who were there cast a vote of no confidence against myself, Harrison Petty and Carl Oliver. As such, he asked us to leave the room.

“The three of us took it as a joke because obviously being sitting executives, you can not ask us to leave at an executive meeting. The secretary advised Mike Sands that whatever meeting he would have had was unconstitutional; there was no way a vote of no confidence could have been taken out against us without it being on the agenda and adequately dealt with. Mike Sands then said that if we refused to leave the room then the meeting was over.”

According to Lewis, the first time Sands spoke to him or the other two persons was on Thursday. Oliver is the general secretary in the association and Petty the president of the Parents Association of Track and Field Athletes. Lewis said the intent was to deal with the issue but Sands refused.

Lewis explained that the meeting on Wednesday and Thursday evenings seemed to be a council meeting and not an executive meeting.

He added: “There is no way that meeting called on Thursday could be an executive meeting because council members should not be sitting in, on a reportedly executive meeting. I guess it was something to just continue on with whatever circus they are putting on. A number of the executive members were not aware of the meeting on Wednesday. Out of 19 executives, there weren’t more than six, I would say seven tops. We didn’t find out how many council members were there, but it sounds to me that it was more of a council meeting than executive.”

Several attempts were made by Guardian Sports to contact Mike Sands, all were unfruitful.


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