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Fresh start for your online marketing


Published: May 06, 2013

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The New Year is a time of introspection, renewal and resolutions. With 78 percent of Internet users conducting product research online and Facebook’s impact on business increasing 83 percent in just two years, we must resolve to maximize online marketing to grow our business.

These tips will help you get started:

• New content: Stop misleading and frustrating your customers with outdated information. Don’t just update your website. Create new content.  It keeps your customers focused, satisfied and generates good return on investment (ROI).  Don’t have time to keep your most popular content up-to-date?  Delegate.  The rewards are immense.

• Weed out junk: Housekeeping is not just for the home. It also applies to your business. Find the underperforming text and eliminate poor quality score keywords.  Start fresh in the new year.

• Unify your outreach: Make sure that your email and search engines are working together to provide great ROI and target your traffic.

• Get out of the box: Marketing is about innovation. Get out of your comfort zone.  How about creating a new campaign and incorporating a gripping video into your marketing?

• Show more, tell less: The media is full of statistics, blogs and copycats. Set up a unique marketing program that includes a strong digital presence.  People are watching more and reading less.   Make sure that they are watching your business.

A professionally designed website attracts visitors and converts them into new, loyal customers.  It gives your company credibility and a professional image. Don’t forget the keyword quality score. It is the relationship between the match of your keywords and a user’s search query.   Make those keywords work for you. Unify so that updates to websites, mobile pages and social networking platforms have consistent branding and data that touch more clients. The benefits to your business can be substantial. Remember, this is the era of high expectations and short attention spans.  Attract and keep your clients with fresh branding, engaging videos and gripping graphics.

Make a resolution to spend your marketing time and money wisely.   If you don’t utilize online marketing to grow your business, your competition surely will.

Want to know more about growing your business in the new year? Email hello@puresaltdesign.com.


• Charlotte Gibson holds a master’s degree in product design and has worked in England with international brands; she can be contacted at Charlotte@PureSaltDesign.com.


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