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OMG — what next?

TIme to Think

Published: May 07, 2013

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To start off with, I'm quite sure, that in this age of abbreviations, just about everyone understands that the letters OMG stand for oh my God. So today's title is “Oh My God — What Next?” So D. Paul what exactly are you referring to here today when you state OMG — What text? many may query. Well, let me explain.

I was going through the various posts which people put on Facebook a while back, and one of these posts'on Facebook stated, that for personal relationships to work out, there needs to be a set of rules for the relationship. I commented, that I thought that the most important ingredient for any successful relationship was love, pure, unadulterated, unconditional love. However, the young lady who had put up the Ppst wasn't buying this concept and insisted that there must be a set of rules, for any relationship to last and be both fulfilling and successful. That's when I got a pad of paper and wrote down the title of this article “OMG —What Next?”

After thinking a whole lot about what this young lady had suggested, I came to the logical conclusion, that she in all probability is very insecure due to a combination of low self-esteem, and perhaps a relationship which failed in the past. This has contributed to this young lady wanting to control and dominate her partner by establishing a set of rules for any future relationships. I mean, how ridiculous can one get. Can you imagine anyone coming up to you stating that they'd like to have a personal relationship with you as they handed you a book of rules for the relationship. It's absolute madness!

Yes indeed, if ever anyone gave me a book of rules upon which a personal relationship with them would have to be based; believe me, I'd run a mile, and would in all probability break the existing world record. Why would I do that, you may say? Because, in my estimation, anyone who thinks like that is most likely to be extremely insecure, very controlling, and quite domineering. So, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, when you're thinking about having a personal relationship with someone, make absolutely sure that it is based on genuine love, respect, and a whole lot of trust. If you really don't trust a person to the point where you feel obliged to draw up a set of rules for the relationship, it is, in my estimation, completely doomed before it even starts — believe me.

And one final point. If you agree with the concept, that a set of rules must be a part of any personal relationship which you may consider entering, you need to get immediate professional counseling, because, like it or not, you have low self-esteem. Yes you do!


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