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Branding cents

  • Charlotte Gibson


Published: May 09, 2013

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The average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages a day.  The only ones that will make a strong impression are the ones the consumer will remember, namely the ones with a strong brand and instant name recognition.

In other words, it is the difference between remembering any bird and ‘Big Bird’, and any laptop as opposed to the one with the apple on it.  Your business brand is the name or logo that sets your business apart from competitors in the marketplace; this is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage.

What is quite surprising is the fact that branding is not a new concept.  Thirty percent of the world’s most valuable brands were developed before 1900.  Coca-Cola, the world’s most recognized brand with a value in excess of $74 billion, has been generating sales since 1892.  The Mercedes brand was founded in 1890, and Budweiser dates back to 1795.  That’s staying power!  A successful brand is one that:

• Delivers the message clearly

• Gets instant recognition and increases revenues

• Reaches your target audience and builds consumer loyalty

• Positions your business for success and growth, and

• Motivates the buyer.

Many large companies’ marketing campaigns include corporate branding strategies.  For example, without mentioning the companies’ names, you probably know whose shoes enable you to “Just Do It”.  Market researchers have discovered that we buy the brands or participate with businesses we associate with quality, value and satisfaction.  Once brand loyalty is achieved, it is difficult to steal customers away.

Your brand image or symbol will capture the audience first.  This image will enhance your marketing on social media, such as Pinterest and Instagram.  Businesses have reported increased revenues from marketing pins and images on these boards and other platforms.  Demonstrate your marketing mix in one well-designed image, create distance from your competitors and create loyalty with a strong brand.

Branding is a very powerful marketing tool.  Once created, your brand should be noticed for its individuality and authenticity.

Our society is visual.  The image your business projects is directly related to the bottom-line.  Strong branding requires a strategy and creativity by professionals having specific technical skills and artistic talent.

Trust your brand to a professional in the industry; your competition certainly has.

• Charlotte Gibson is a design professional with international branding experience.  She holds a master’s degree in product design and has worked in England with international brands.  She can be contacted at Charlotte@PureSaltDesign.com or www.puresaltdesign.com.


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