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Real freedom

TIme to Think

Published: May 09, 2013

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A whole lot of people throughout the entire world are crying out for freedom today. But my friend, what is real freedom? Well I believe that a person, no matter where they are in the world, can only be really free when they're able to think for themself. That's right, no one can be really free in the true sense of the word, until that person is in fact totally free to think for themself without any interference from anyone or any outside source. You see, one of the greatest gifts which God gave us all is the ability to think, and yet so many people throughout this great big world of ours are actually allowing others to do their thinking for them.

The biggest hindrance to thinking for ourself and thus being able to experience real freedom is the religious fanatics, who quite definitely do not want us to think for ourselves as they want us all to blindly accept what they try to push down our throats. That's right, the self-righteous preachers of the world do not really wish for us to be free. They want us to remain enslaved to what they dictate, to what they tell us we must believe or else. They consistently use fear to get us to think as they do, thus remaining a prisoner to fear. I say in all sincerity to everyone, listen to everyone, but then using your God-given intelligence, make up your own mind about what you, not they wish to believe. This, believe me, is the only kind of real freedom.

Now, apart from the religious fanatics of all denominations, there are of course many other individuals and groups who will endeavor to get us to believe what they're telling us, so that they can keep us enslaved in bondage. But you must not allow them to do this to you. An obvious group which you should not allow to enslave you, are the politicians of the world who will tell you that they're acting in your best interests, when in reality, it's all about them, their personal power. Likewise, trade unionists with their distorted way of thinking, will repeatedly endeavor to lead you astray, but as I stated already, you must learn to really think for yourself in all matters of importance to you, for only then will you be fully experiencing, without any outer manipulation from anyone, real freedom.

And one final point, when you do finally learn to think for yourself and thus become free in the true sense of the word, you need to be fully aware, that those who tried previously to enslave you, will mount a strong offensive against you to try to enslave you again. Please do not allow them, as you continue to use your God-given intelligence to think for yourself.

• THINK ABOUT IT! Email:dpr@corporatemotivation.org. Listen to “Time to Think” the radio program on STAR 106.5 FM at 8:55 a.m. & 6:20 p.m.


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