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Reverend: Bahamians must always come first

Philip McPhee tells New Way Progressive Baptist Association members to take comfort in the fact that God is always near
  • Mount Calvary Baptist Cathedral Senior Pastor Reverend Philip McPhee.

Guardian Lifestyles Editor

Published: May 09, 2013

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Bahamians in The Bahamas must always come first, and no other position would do, according to Mount Calvary Baptist Cathedral Senior Pastor Reverend Philip McPhee.

The moderator at the recent New Way Progressive Baptist Association’s (NWPA) 21st Annual Session told the membership that as believers and kingdom dwellers they should take comfort in the fact that no matter what they may go through, that God is always near and able to restore all adversity.

Rev. McPhee who was not pleased with the defeated gambling referendum of January 28 told the members of the NWPA that the government’s proposed Gaming Act, a bill that would allow local casino operators to facilitate online and mobile gambling was shameful.

“I cry shame on any bill in this country that allows foreigners to be blessed and Bahamians cursed,” said Rev. McPhee. “We must make it clear that Bahamians anywhere must be first if it is in The Bahamas. No other position will do.”

Speaking at the May 4-9 conference at Mount Calvary Baptist Cathedral at Baillou Hill Road and Laird Street, the Baptist minister also spoke out in favor of corporal punishment and for hangings to take place. He also called for the eradication of the Privy Council.

“Crime is out of hand. Criminals fear no man, no beast. It is time Mr. Prime Minister to enforce the laws of the land [that] are on the books. Too many murders; these will affect and hurt our economy, families, visitors and friends. There are too many guns on our streets. Too many hurting mothers and fathers are crying. Too many innocent people are being hurt,” said the Baptist minister.

At the conference held under the theme, “The God Who Restores”, Rev. McPhee told the membership that they came together at a time when families from every strata of society were faced with one situation or the other, and that it was during times of difficulties and adversity that they ought to be more fervent in their prayer life and more focused on the Word of God.

As believers, he told them that they should take comfort in the fact that no matter what they may go through, that God is always near and able to restore what had been taken.

In his message, he told the members that as an association, their focus is to rebuild, restore and reclaim everything that God has for them in the midst of all the uncertainty that may surround them. He also reminded them that their faith would be put to the test, but to always look to the great restorer to put everything in its original state.

“Foundations are of extreme importance, for the foundation will determine the structure, the stability, the style, strength, symmetry, the solidity as well as the safety and security of whatever is built, constructed or organized,” he said.

But he said in order for anything to be able to withstand the stress and strain of time, it must have a solid foundation, which he said is particularly true of the family. He said too many families have been built on the wrong foundation and fallen prey to the devil and torn apart because they allowed greed and jealousy to destroy them. By rejecting God, he said they chose to become godless and by being godless, they soon became merciless, shameless, careless, aimless, fatherless and eventually hopeless.

The Mount Calvary Baptist pastor said that regardless of what some people may say, think and believe, no nation can be built on immoral and indecent activities and be expected to stand. He said that no nation can be built on distrust and unfaithfulness and be expected to be strong, and that no nation can be built on friction and contention and then be expected to be secure. Rev. McPhee told them that no nation can be built on filthiness and vulgarity and be expected to be safe, and that no nation can be built on envy and jealousy and be expected to be solid.

He told the members that over the past year, many people have lost their possessions and loved ones, but that as believers they should stand on the horizon looking to the future with the hope of a better day, better pay, better walk and a better talk.

By coming together at their conference he said the Association of Churches came together to give an account of their stewardship, and to help the condition of their fellow man.

As the nation readies to celebrate 40 years of independence, Rev. McPhee encouraged the members of the New Way Progressive Association to continue to fight the good fight. He told them that the church must always be concerned about the poor, the oppressed, the unemployed, the suffering, the disenfranchised, the needy, the hungry, the marginalized and the hurting.

Rev. McPhee urged the government to create jobs for the people and said the NWPA stood behind the prime minister in seeking ways and means to help eradicate poverty and unemployment.

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