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Johnnie Christie releases new CD

Release party will be held at Crazy Johnny’s
  • The front cover of the new Floating Boats CD.

Published: May 10, 2013

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Local musician Johnnie Christie has formed a new band and has recently released the CD “Johnnie Christie and Floating Boats”.

The exciting new self-titled CD contains 13 infectious songs of passionate driving music, including the well-known and iconic “Doctor Man”, along with the heartfelt “Will You?”. Both songs have been receiving raving fan reviews via airplay on local radio stations.

They are currently in rehearsal for their CD release party which will be held at Crazy Johnny’s on East Bay on Saturday, May 18. The songs on the CD were all recorded over 20 years ago when Johnnie was living and touring in New England with his then band “Floating Boats.”

“These are great songs recorded over a couple of years between 1990 and 1992. In those days, there was no iTunes, no YouTube and not even the Internet as we know it today,” said Christie.

Floating Boats garnered a following along the northeast coast of the United States, touring extensively from Maine to Washington DC.

“We were creating a new sound by combining rock stylized guitar and vocals with island rhythms, including Junkanoo and calypso. People really responded and we were working on a record deal. Our plan was to break it big with a new sound or not break it at all. We did not want to get halfway there by sounding like so many other bands. This was the early 90s, the period of time when the grunge sound was peaking, and our sound was coming into its own as well, but in the end we were not signed. As fate would have it, around that same time I had put my aspirations of a musical career behind me and moved back to Nassau to follow a career in real estate.”

In 2009, Johnnie got a group of friends together for a charity event. That band was called 25 North. He played the drums. He said playing live again was what inspired him to get back into his own music. He got together with the co-founder of Floating Drums, Danny Bernini, and mastered the new CD which as since been released on iTunes and Amazon.

With two members of 25 North — Kyle Baley and Joe Euteneur, as well as Ricky Rolle and Andrew Beckford, two members from Sub-Culture, another popular local band, Johnnie has formed the new band that will be performing songs from the CD as well as new originals.

“The new band is sounding awesome,” said Johnnie. “We have a great sound and an excellent ‘jammin’ feel. I’m really looking forward to a fantastic show where everyone, the band and the audience, has lots of fun and we can all jam together.”

Band shows containing all original sets are a rarity on the local music scene. In listening to the CD, it is obvious that this will be an original showpiece event, a must-see for anyone who loves music and live performances. Music lovers are invited to Crazy Johnny’s on Saturday, May 18, to hear Johnnie Christie. Show time is 10 p.m.

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