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Be kind today

TIme to Think

Published: May 14, 2013

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Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if every single soul presently inhabiting planet earth were taking the instructions given in today's title to heart, thereby treating each and every person whom they encounter throughout the day, evening and night with profound kindness? Yes indeed it would! Today's message is, I believe, extremely important, that is to be kind today. After all, it really doesn't take a whole lot effort to be kind to people, it really doesn't. It just requires the right mindset, the right sort of attitude toward being kind.

Of course, I believe, that to develop a consciousness of kindness, one should commence the day with an early morning meditation, when we once again make contact with the God within who is pure love and living kindness. Once we have centered ourself on the God of our being and quieted our mind, we commence our daily affirmations sending love and light to one and all. When we have completed our morning meditation we should be fully immersed in a consciousness of love and kindness, which will ensure that we are indeed kind to one and all, everyone whom we encounter throughout the day, evening and into the night.

Let this kindness start with you. That's right, you need to vow to be kind to you, by treating yourself with love and respect, remembering always, that you are God's special creation, and awesomely made in His image. So, make sure to treat yourself in a special way today, as you are continually kind to yourself.

After being kind to you, make sure that you're kind to your spouse, significant other and the children. Treat them all in a gentle, loving way as God's kindness radiates out from your being to give them an inner feeling of really being loved by you, as an air of kindness permeates the whole family. Don't forget to be kind to your pets and all of God’s beautiful animals as you go about your daily activities. As you drive to work, be kind to other motorists.

When you get to work, smile and be kind to your employer, employees, fellow workers and customers. When you go for lunch, be kind to everyone, even strangers as you smile pleasantly at one and all as you, through your words and actions, allow God's loving kindness to permeate your life and affairs, and the lives and affairs of all those whom you encounter throughout each and  every day. Yes indeed be kind today and I guarantee, that you'll have a super day, and so will all those who come in contact with you.


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