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Cling to God’s unchanging Word

JCCMI’s Bishop Newton and Pastor Gilbert stress the need for Christians to progress in their spiritual walk
  • Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International's pastor, Bishop Sheldon Newton addresses participants at the recent 2013 Word Immersion Conference. DEVIN FRANCIS

Published: May 16, 2013

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Participants in the Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International's 2013 Word Immersion Conference were admonished to embrace spirituality by clinging to God’s unchanging Word.

Conference host Bishop Sheldon Newton and Pastor Stephen Gilbert both stressed the need for Christians to progress in their spiritual walk through the knowledge and application of biblical principles.

Both ministers expounded on the purpose and role of the five-fold ministry — the apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor and evangelist – with Pastor Gilbert saying that since everyone needs somebody, that nobody within the Body of Christ should think of themselves  more highly than they are.

Pastor Gilbert said that each Christian and Christian denomination are interlinked and that all have a contribution to make. And that instead of pulling apart, everyone should work together in unity to fulfill God's will on the earth.

“The Catholics and the Baptists may be able to reach somebody you or I are unable to reach,” Pastor Gilbert told conference participants. “In that regard we should look to one another and fellow workers for Christ. I should never look down my nose at someone else and think that they are not as good as I am. We are all a part of the same body.”

He also said that Christians should never look too highly on anybody either, and that the only person we are to put on a proverbial pedestal is Jesus.

“The scripture says that one part of the body cannot say to the other part ‘I don’t need you.’ We all need each other.”

Bishop Newton said that Pastor Gilbert’s message was on target and timely and that conference participants received strong teaching in an atmosphere that was spiritually charged for learning.

"The people were ministered to and blessed,” said Bishop Newton. “It was a life-changing experience. Becoming a Christian is automatic once you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but growing as a Christian takes time — that’s a process. What we were after was teaching people how to grow. It is only through growth that people will be able to stand steadfast in Christ and walking in the victory He provided for us at the cross.”

Bishop Newton said the purpose of the conference was to immerse people in God's Word because the Bible says that the Word of God should dwell richly in his people. He also said that was the only way people mature from a babe in Christ to a manhood in faith.

"We got a lot of positive feedback and we feel that the ministry of the Word was effective in that many people began to understand what God has called them to accomplish here on earth. People left the conference with a sense that they did grow. That's what we were after when we decided to stage the conference. One of our main goals was to show people from the Word of God how they can recognize their call and I am satisfied that we did that."

Bishop Newton focused on the three levels of ministry and highlighted the fact that every Christian is called to be a minister, even if they are not called to the five-fold ministry.

The conference took place May 2-4 at the church in the Old Dad Plaza on Carmichael Road.

Bishop Newton said that as believers all are ambassadors of God (2 Corinthians 5:16-18 and Mark 16:17-18) and spoke on specific calls like the ministry of helps, mercy and hospitality which are vital ministries within the Christian church.

Bishop Newton said that plans are on the way for the second Word Immersion Conference in North Andros in the third week of July.

Last year Androsians from Lowe Sound to Red Bays packed Pastor Abraham Colebrooke’s Word of God Prayer Ministry on Queen’s Highway nightly to be ministered to by Bishop Newton, Pastor Gilbert and music minister Tina Rahming.

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