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Man stabbed to death, another shot dead

Murder count at 44
  • A man was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head in a bushy area off Marshall Road.

  • The body of a murder victim is removed from the the Wilson and Hay streets area on Saturday. AHVIA J. CAMPBELL

Guardian Senior Reporter

Published: May 21, 2013

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Police are investigating the murder of a man stabbed on Saturday and the murder of another man found shot to death several hours later.

The first victim was killed after an early morning argument escalated into a fight, police said.

Police said the man was seen arguing with another man at a restaurant on Baillou Hill Road just before 6 a.m.

During the altercation, the victim was stabbed several times to his upper body and neck, according to police.

He tried to walk home but collapsed at a water pump at the intersection of Wilson Street and Hay Street, police reported.

He had reportedly stopped at the water pump to wash his face and then died, Superintendent Paul Rolle said.

Bystanders said the man was a lifelong resident of Wilson Street.

Police were called to another murder scene around 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

A man told police that he went to a bushy area off Marshall Road to cut feed for his livestock when he found a man’s body.

Rolle said when police arrived at the scene, they found the body about five feet away from the main road with an apparent gun shot wound to his head.

He did not have any identification on him, police said.

Rolle asked people with missing relatives to contact police to help determine the victim’s identity.

The man appeared to be in his early 20s, police said.

Yesterday, two men were killed at a home on Kemp Road.

Police suspect that the gunmen responsible for those murders left the scene and shot four more people at a gathering on Montgomery Avenue.

Yesterday, Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis said the spate of violence should force the government to admit that it is “paralyzed” when it comes to fighting crime.

Minnis said the government should reach out to the church, community and opposition for help in attacking crime.

He said the Progressive Liberal Party should be embarrassed that it made crime a political issue ahead of the 2012 general election.

“They made it a big issue in the election,” Minnis said.

“They promised the Bahamian people things that they could not do.  Crime was one, mortgage relief, jobs was another one.

“So a lot of the problems with crime relates to jobs. You told the people you were going to provide them with 10,000 jobs.”

Last week, the U.S. Embassy issued a crime warning to American citizens living and traveling to The Bahamas. The embassy said there was an increase in armed robberies in New Providence.

This came after the murder of American sailor Kyle Bruner just over a week ago.

The murder count for the year is 44.

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