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Putting theory into practice

D.W. Davis students learn about table manners and etiquette
  • Sandals Roybal Bahamian Hotel resort trainer Sharon Cartwright talks a student through an etiquette demonstration. SANDALS ROYAL BAHAMIAN HOTEL

Published: May 22, 2013

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Putting theory into practice for some students, sometimes brings the subject matter into clarity. For 80 modern language D.W. Davis Junior School, the chance to put theory into practice became reality recently with the opportunity to learn about table manners and table etiquette

Th students and eight teachers gathered around two tables set for a four-course meal, as Sandals Roybal Bahamian Hotel resort trainers Kayla Hilton and Sharon Cartwright showed them the ins and outs of the table setup, table service and table manners.

Students sat at the tables, getting a practical feel for where the silverware should be placed and how it should be used. They were given instruction on which bread and butter plate to use at the table (a common dilemma), and it was explained why the waiter delivers their food from the left with the left hand and retrieves a finished plate from the right with the right hand.

Hilton told the students that the etiquette they learned was something they could take with them throughout their lives.

“When we talk about etiquette we’re talking about how we behave in public as well as how we eat at a table,” Hilton told the eighth grade students.

The students had many question about how they should politely consume different food items in a formal dining setting.

Cartwright explained to them the proper methods for eating pasta, and even French fries.

The young men were taught to always pull chairs out for ladies to allow them to be seated first, and that they should always open doors to allow a lady through first.

Randy Murphy, 12, won a prize for being the best gentleman of the day.

The students ended their etiquette training with a formal lunch, and were catered to by the Sandals Royal Bahamian team.

Keisha Bonimy, the family and consumer science teacher at D.W. Davis said the students tend to take in a lot of theory and may not understand it because they never get to put the theory into practice, so they wanted to put the students into the field. She said for some of the students it was their first time actually dining out at a hotel. The students spent four hours at Sandals.

As for the impact on their grades, Bonimy said the students got the opportunity to put into real-life situations what they learned. The experience she said would cause them to remember more as opposed to just sitting in a classroom.

“Some of the students said they’d never had a hotel experience before, so that for them was an everlasting impression,” said Bonimy.

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