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Take your job seriously, give your best

  • Janet Burnside.

Published: May 24, 2013

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Name: Janet Burnside

Position: Manager, Orchard Garden Hotel

Can you briefly describe your experience in the tourism sector and what your role is today?

I have experienced some very wonderful tourists and some not very polite ones, but through it all it has been great because working in this environment has been very rewarding, and has tested my patience and character.

Why did you choose to work in tourism as a career?

It wasn’t really a choice of mine but when I got the job I found it to be very interesting so I stuck with it and made it my career. I started out as a teenage housekeeper and ended up 20 odd years later as Manager of the same Orchard Hotel.

What has been your most memorable moment?

There was an occasion when a guest had came and felt as if I was such a great host she gave me a ticket to Canada on several occasions. We are now good friends to this day.

Has the industry changed since you started your career? How?

Yes, it has changed. There used to be a greater number of Europeans in small hotels. Also the larger hotels used to be so over booked that they requested the service of the smaller hotels.

What should The Bahamas focus on to stay competitive?

On reducing crime and bringing back the confidence of the tourist letting them know that it’s safe to come to the Bahamas. Also to strive to supply pleasant and efficient service.

What advice would you give to a young person who is considering a career in tourism?

Take your job seriously, give your best, be polite and patient at all times. Be honest to yourself as if you have the character for the hospitality industry. Put aside your personal problems and devote yourself  willingly to provide the guest with a pleasant services.

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