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Huge crowd attended historic soccer match

Guardian Sports Reporter

Published: May 25, 2013

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Despite not having all of the figures, General Manger in the National Sports Authority (NSA) Jeffery Beckles dubbed the hosting of the first premier football game a huge success.

Beckles was pleased with the overall event saying it ran smoothly and very efficiently. The Bahamas played host to the Tottenham Hotspur and the Reggae Boyz from Jamaica on Thursday. The historic game was played at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

“We were right around 7,500 people last night,” confirmed Beckles. “We are still doing the demographic breakdown, so we don’t have the figures as yet. It was a good crowd for the first time and for this event. We would have liked to have seen more, yes, by all means. Because really, who does the stadium belongs to? The stadium belongs to the Bahamian people. As we get more details and break out the attendees we will be happy to share it with the public. We didn’t have any issues. We were running smooth from earlier in the day. The process worked quite fine.”

Even though the event was well attended, there were some who were of the opinion that the game should have been held on the weekend, or Sunday evening. Beckles noted the criticisms and said: “It is arguable, depending on where you sit. But remember these professional teams are on a time schedule so we took them when they were available. You have to take it when you can get it. In this case, both teams had adjusted their schedules to come and play because they have other commitments in Europe. For instance, the Hotspurs left today (Friday) to go back to Europe to fulfill their commitment. Jamaica is going to stay for a couple of days because they have a commitment for the south and they can be here for a week to train. So they will use our facilities to train while they are here. So, both teams have their own agendas and we had to take them at a time when it was possible.

“Thank you to all who came and supported it. We certainly want to thank our partners at the Ministry of Tourism, Albany, Burns House, BTC and Coca-Cola. All of them who expressed their interest by writing checks to help make this dream and building out the sporting facility here at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre last night.”

The game played at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium between the Tottenham Hotspur and the Reggae Boyz from Jamaica, ended in a scoreless draw. Thursday’s game was the final match on the calendar for the Hotspur. The Reggae Boyz will remain in the country, preparing for the World Cup Qualifiers, with Mexico and the United States of America (USA).


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