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Pitiful or powerful

TIme to Think

Published: May 28, 2013

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My friend, life is all about choices. Each and every day of your life, you have a whole lot of choices which you must make in a very definitive manner. Now, one of these choices is contained in the title of this article, for it is indeed true, that in life we can be pitiful or powerful. It really is a choice which each of us need to make each and every day of our life. Now it would indeed appear, that far too many are daily making the choice, perhaps unwittingly, to spend the day being pathetically pitiful. I'm quite sure that you know the negative, pathetic people I'm referring to, here today, the kinds of people who are habitually complaining about, what they incorrectly believe to be the fact, that there are no real opportunities for them to succeed in today's world. They moan and complain literally from morning to night about the so-called state of the economy, stating over and over, that the world is going to hell in a basket, as that well known saying puts it, as they blurt out their sad mantra, “You, can't get ahead in today's world” or '”There are no opportunities to succeed today like there used to be.” Ehat a load of utter nonsense!

To these people, I would simply like to utter a phrase from Dr. Bob Schuller’s great book “Tough times Never Last, But Tough People Do!” — and it goes like this. "When the going gets toug, the tough get going." Oh how true that is! Of course, what the pitiful people really need is a reconditioning of their mind. This process can commence when a person is made aware of the fact, that God lives within them 24/7, and is therefore always available for consultation, and who can and indeed will give them the inspiration, strength, and stamina to weather the storm, and move on to much brighter days.

Yes my friend, if you are inclined to be pitiful for any reason,  well then, you need to get a completely new outlook on life by altering your mindset, so that you finally fully realize the immense power which you have in you for good. To assist you with this very important reconditioning of your mind and subsequent mode of thinking, you may indeed require the assistance of a professional counselor, who will guide you in the right direction away from the pitiful mindset into a totally new way of thinking when you finally realize, that to those who really believe in themselves and their future, all things are indeed possible! When this mindset change occurs, the sun will come out and you'll see everything in a much better, brighter light, whilst realizing, that you were indeed born to win! Yes you were!



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