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Sigma Wildcats defeat Bommer G Operators

  • In this file photo the Wildcats and the Swingers go head-to-head during a New Providence Softball Association game. On Saturday the Wildcats defeated the Bommer G Operators 13-5. TNG FILE PHOTO

Guardian Sports Reporter

Published: Jun 03, 2013

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The Sigma Wildcats are hoping to “rake in” some wins early and not fall behind in the count, especially since they are a few players short.

The Wildcats submitted a full roster at the start of the New Providence Softball Association’s (NPSA) season, but a number of the team members are on the injury-reserved list. On Saturday, only nine players showed for the game, which they won 13-5 over the Bommer G Operators. Linda ‘K’ Knowles, one of their better infielders, had to step on the mound and pick-up the slack.

The shuffling in positions obviously worked for the Wildcats who now have three wins this season. Stephanie Goodridge said the team is working with what they have for now and need to continue winning so when their players do return, they can be in better position to take the NPSA’s championship title.

“We are just getting warmed up,” said Goodridge. “If we had lost the game tonight that would have thrown us back. We can’t take anyone for granted and the league is kind of small this year so you have to come out here every night and play.

“Coming to the park tonight our full team wasn’t out, and we had to call a lot of people. We all thought that there wouldn’t have been any games tonight. It started to rain at one point, but it held up and we were able to play. When you look at it, we didn’t even have anyone to bring in. I started to get some cramps but had to play through it. We really didn’t have the full squad, just the nine.

“Defensively, we have it, but offensively we tend to close up and can’t bring our bats around. In the first inning, we left the bases stranded and we really should have scored. As a matter of fact, this game

really should have been over from the third inning. We should have scored 10 runs in that first inning, but we left five on base and that really caused the game to go to five.”

The Operators, who played sporadically in the game, were able to close out the first inning, holding the Wildcats to just one run. The Wildcats came back in the second and scored four more runs, and seven in the fourth. Both teams went scoreless in the third. In fact, the Operators didn’t put up a score until the fourth when they “raked in” three runs. The other two came in the fifth.

Goodridge said: “Tonight, Linda K. picked up the ball. As you can see, we have two pitchers who are reliable. We are just waiting on Mary to heal and get well, and we will see what the season brings from here on in. The team is strong this year, and we are going to bounce back. You will see the Cats that you knew before.”

Knowles, who was tagged with the win, also scored one run and had a hit. Donnette Edwards had two runs off three hits and Candice Smith one run off a hit. The losing pitcher was Diva Burrows. Antonia Simmons scored one run, and Akia Rose batted in two for the Operators.

In the feature game the Arnette Hitmen defeated the AG Construction Buccaneers 8-4. Richard Bain was the winning pitcher, and Deval Storr picked up the loss. Bain and Martin Burrows went two-for-two for the Hitmen while Ken Wood scored one run for the Buccaneers.

Play will continue on Tuesday evening over at the Bankers Field located in the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.


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