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Sensei Eneas honored by Grandmaster Penn

  • Sensei Clement Eneas was recently recognized by Grandmaster Alex Penn for his hard work and contribution to martial arts in the country over the years.

  • Sensei Clement Eneas and his students poses with some of the trophies that they won during a local karate tournament. PHOTOS: SENSEI CLEMENT ENEAS

Guardian Sports Editor

Published: Jun 05, 2013

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After more than a decade of learning from one of the most dangerous men in The Bahamas, Sensei Clement Eneas received his just reward when he was recently honored.

Praised by Grandmaster Alex Penn for his hard work and contribution to martial arts in the country over the years, Eneas is humbled, and is now turning his attention to his students under his wing. Penn, who was recently promoted to 10th degree Red Belt, is among the cream of the crop in the country when it comes to martial arts. He is the chief instructor of the Nisei Goju Ryu system here in The Bahamas.

“Well, it definitely caught me by surprise. I am overwhelmed by joy. I have been involved with martial arts here in The Bahamas for more than 25 years, and this is the first time that I am being honored in this way,” said Eneas yesterday. “It was Sensei Brain Beckford who took me to Grandmaster Penn in 2002, and it was an honor to learn from him. Ironically, about seven years before that, I went to him and told him that I wanted to learn from him and he told me to go away and come back in seven years. He is a stern disciplinarian. If you are one minute late, you are late. He is the absolute best. It’s been a long time coming, but I feel as if I’m ready to step out of the shadows of the great martial artists now. This is the first time I am being honored, and it feels good. It is definitely a step in the right direction.”

Eneas now runs a school, the Southside Karate Dojo, where he teaches full contact martial arts to about 45 youngsters between the ages of 3-12. He conducts classes six days per week over at the Government High School’s Auditorium. He requires nothing less than a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) from his kids.

“With them seeing me receive this award, it could only motivate them to aspire for great things,” said Eneas. “Like myself, my students are hard workers. I try to teach them self esteem through martial arts and using discipline, like I was taught by my instructors over the years. All of the training that I got from my instructors over the years, I put into my kids.”

This is just the second year of operation for the Southside Karate Dojo. Previously, Eneas ran the Tiger Dragon Mixed Martial Arts Dojo where he conducted sessions for about 12 hours per week.

As for Penn, he is just the second grandmaster in the country, and the first karate instructor to reach that rank. Grandmaster Frankie Adderley was the first Bahamian to achieve the rank of


Eneas, who was recently promoted to second degree black belt, said that it was an honor to be recognized by Grandmaster Penn.

“Just to be worthy to be a student of Grandmaster Penn is an honor. I feel that all of the hard work that I put in is finally paying off,” said Eneas. “Grandmaster Penn is more than just a martial arts instructor. He teaches life skills. He is a mentor, like a second father to me, and I couldn’t think of anyone more noteworthy that I would have rathered to receive this honor from.”

Eneas said that he is inspired to continue to greatness in martial arts. He is now aiming for fifth degree black belt status which is necessary to achieve the rank of master.


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