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Continuous learning is critical to achieve your goals

  • Todney Marsh.

Published: Jun 06, 2013

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Name: Todney Marsh

Industry position: Quality control supervisor, risk and compliance department, Colina

Insurance Limited

What attracted you to the financial services industry?

Starting my career in a commercial bank sparked my desire to delve further into the industry.  I recognized the many opportunities that this sector offers, being one of the largest in The Bahamas.

How long have you been in financial services?

I have been involved in the financial industry for more than eight years.  The past seven years have been with my current employer, Colina Insurance Limited.

What keeps you motivated?

My desire to acquire knowledge, to maximize my full potential and to overcome life’s challenges keep me motivated.  It is my view that continuous learning is critical to the achievement of one’s goals and aspirations to success and a fulfilling life in an ever changing world.

Why do you think you have been successful?

My family has always supported me and believed in everything that I set out to achieve.  They are my number one fans!  Indeed, no level of success would have been achieved without God’s grace.  There is dignity in labor and, therefore, hard work and education has helped to propel me to where I am today.   I believe strongly in always striving to pursue personal and professional development.  I live my life based on the famous quote, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”.

What qualifications do you feel are the most useful in helping you perform in this sector?

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is a plus no matter which field it is in as it helps develop the analytical skills which are needed for this sector.  Being in the insurance industry, the Fellow, Life Insurance Management Institute (FLMI) and Associate, Academy of Life Underwriting designations have helped me considerably in my underwriting career.  In my current role, the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and Associate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance (AIRC) designations equipped me with the requisite tools and skill set to excel in the risk management and compliance field and diverse sectors.  In this global village compliance is a part of everyday life.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career?  How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I have faced in my career was my transition from the underwriting field to the risk and compliance field.  While embarking on this new journey, I familiarized myself with international and local laws and regulations, enrolled in courses and attended workshops to help develop my skills for this new career direction.   All of my efforts to learn as much as I can about my field have helped me to transition gracefully.

What would you like to see in your field in the future?

The risk and compliance fields are evolving disciplines with new laws, regulations, requirements and standards coming on stream regularly.  I would like to see more companies take a proactive approach to risk and compliance, encouraging a compliance culture throughout the entity and embracing enterprise risk management.

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