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A commitment to professionalism

  • Lorna Longley-Rolle.

Published: Jun 20, 2013

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Name: Lorna Longley-Rolle,

Position: Head of legal unit, Insurance Commission of The Bahamas


What attracted you to the sector?


I was attracted to the financial services industry by the availability of novel career paths in law, such as AML and compliance. Additionally, the opportunity arose for the utilization of my legal skills in criminal prosecution/law enforcement, regulation and legal drafting.


How long have you been involved in financial services? What keeps you motivated?


In January of 2010, I joined the Insurance Commission. I served in the capacity of Legal Officer at that time. Since that time, the Insurance Commission has hired another attorney and a legal secretary, creating a Legal Unit. I now serve as Head of the Legal Unit, where my key responsible is to advise the Superintendent of Insurance on all legal matters related to the regulation and supervision of licensees, as well as operational and administrative matters. My motivation comes from my ability to contribute to the development of legal processes in a relatively new organization during its seminal years, so as to ensure that the Insurance Commission has a firm foundation for effective supervision and regulation.


Why do you think you have been successful? Did mentoring play a part in your success?


My success thus far comes from a firm commitment to spiritual values and the delivery of quality work; traits which were instilled in me in my formative years by my parents, Cecil and Gladys Longley, who taught me that “anything worth doing is worth doing well and should be done to the honor and glory of God”. I have also learnt over the course of my life that on many occasions, “opportunity knocks but once”, therefore you should strive to everything well the first time. Additionally, the support of my husband Ricardo Rolle throughout the years of educational pursuits - and in particular in mentoring me in law enforcement - has been key to my success in law. Finally, mentoring by the lecturers of the first class of the UWI LLB programme in The Bahamas has played a significant role in my success thus far in the legal profession and the financial services sector as a whole. These included former Justice Ruby Nottage, Hon. Keith Bell, Dr. Dexter Johnson and Loren Klein.


What qualities/qualifications do you feel are most useful in helping you to perform in the sector?


A passion for the delivery of quality work and excellent customer service are useful qualities for the success in regulation and supervision. As the Insurance Commission is mandated to take any action in the interest of the policyholder, this has become a guiding principle in my daily performance. Additionally, each day I seek to exude a commitment to professionalism in the treatment of staff and colleagues on all levels, in an effort to contribute to the performance levels of the entire team at the Insurance Commission.


Why is it important to encourage our youth to think of careers within financial services?


My first encounter with this industry came via a course in Offshore Financial Law, which was my first introduction to anti-money laundering, a central issue for financial services. Prior to this time, I had never envisioned a career in financial services. I therefore wish to encourage young Bahamians to seek out novel careers in the financial services sector as the rewards are vast if one is able to harness the qualities and skills that are required. Additionally, it is important for Bahamian youth to realize that many Bahamians have pursued and taken ownership of this industry and the numerous opportunities and rewards that it presents. Bahamian youth therefore should aspire to continue the ownership of this industry.



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