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A look at the day that brings out the gossips

‘A Weddin’ Tale’ is another hit for James Catalyn and Friends
  • Guests enjoy the wedding reception.

  • Arrimae, played by Tara Woodside, left, “reluctantly” takes in what information Cornelius, played by Brentwood Thompson, has to impart. PHOTOS: JAMES CATALYN AND FRIENDS

  • At every wedding there’s dancing to celebrate.

Guardian Lifestyles Editor

Published: Jul 05, 2013

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We’ve all at some point in our lives gotten caught up in the drama and gossip that unfolds on the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts stage. In real life the “wedding day” is usually drama-filled — who got invited, who didn’t get invited — who wore what and why they shouldn’t have worn what they did. And the holy grail of wedding gossip is whether the bride had the right to wear white.

The play, written by writing legend James Catalyn and directed by Chigozie Ijeoma and Dwain Wallace, is a humorous and satirical look at the average Bahamian wedding day. And it’s funny as get-all and will have you chuckling for the duration of the play that is just under two-and-a-half hours, as “friends” gather in preparation and begin to suspect that something is awry as Mabel prepares to walk down the aisle.

Bernice, played by Antoinette Knowles; Jennie, played by Leslie Ellis-Tynes, and Georgie, played by Trevann Thompson, open the stage play as they make ready for Mabel’s big day — pitching in by cleaning and decorating the church. But like true “friends” as they go about their preparations, the gossip flows about Mabel who happens to be the only daughter of Drucilla, played by Sophia Smith. By-the-way, Mabel is also the apple of Drucilla’s eye. And to top it off, Drucilla has put her head on the chopping block for her daughter, that no man knows her daughter.

The gossip isn’t just between the women, it shows that men indulge from time-to-time, especially when they consider the affair to be juicy, and in steps the reluctant father giver, Wellington, played by Neil Clare, who isn’t quite as gossipy, but his comments certainly add fuel to the fire and confirm some things for the neighborhood “friends”.

And you won’t forget Lambert, played by Lemorn Miller anytime soon, or his common-law wife Blanche, played by Inderia Green. And then there’s Tara Woodside, who played Arrimae, and whose comic timing was on point.

Lambert played his role to the hilt from beginning to end and certainly showed that men do indeed gossip.

While the “friends” were eager to tear into Mabel, on her day in true “friends” fashion, they did not forget to turn on each other when the guests started to arrive for the ceremony — all outfits were under the critical eye of that peanut gallery. Absolutely no one was safe.

While I never actually got the opportunity to see Mabel walk into the church “laid back” (and I really wanted too), I had to envision her in my head. But despite all the gossip, Mabel did indeed get married, and it was on to the reception to partake in the wedding “feast” and for more “gapseed.” And the “shocker” of the day — at least, a shocker only to Drucilla, or was she just in a state of denial — Mabel delivered quite a surprise during the celebration.

“A Weddin’ Tale” was a funny way to start the summer, and spend a Saturday evening with James Catalyn mashing some corns, stepping on bunions and knocking a few noses out of joint.

Also appearing in the production were Brentwood Thompson, who played Cornelius; Christina Adderley who played Rosie, and Dion Farquharson, in the role of Christopher.

If you missed last week’s opening three-night run, the play will be back on stage at the Dundas tonight with a show at 8 p.m.

It’s the start of summer, and James Catalyn & Friends are definitely at it again. “A Weddin’ Tale" started it off, and they’ve announced that they’re currently working on a production in which a politician slaps a doctor.

Tickets for tonight can be purchased at the Dundas box office and are $30 reserved seating, $25 general admission. The box office opens 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Telephone numbers are 393-1042 or 394-7179. Reservations may also be made at e-mail: jamescatalynfriends@yahoo.com. Reserved tickets not collected by 3 p.m. on the day of performance they have been reserved for will be sold.


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