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Cox and Schmid collaborate for ‘Material and Sculpture’

  • ‘Material and Sculpture’ is John Cox’s and Heino Schmid’s upcoming exhibition at Liquid Courage Gallery.

Published: Jul 06, 2013

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Masonite, twine and two planks of wood have become a sculpture that fans delicately, but strikingly across the entire Liquid Courage Gallery.

It’s the first in a series of works currently being made on-site for ‘Material and Sculpture’, John Cox’s and Heino Schmid’s upcoming exhibition at Liquid Courage Gallery.

Occupying both the warehouse and the gallery at Liquid Courage, Cox and Schmid are assembling large-scale sculptures, both individual and collaborative works, which will offer a visceral experience for viewers. The exhibition will emphasize the shared concerns in the artists’ practices, especially their on-going enquiry into sculpture and material, balance and tension, and the ready made vs. the made.

Both artists have held significant roles in the art community in many other capacities; Cox is currently chief curator at the National Art Gallery Bahamas (NAGB) and Schmid, a lecturer at College of The Bahamas, also curates the Central Bank exhibition program. This has had a defining impact on their lives as artists and their long friendship.

There are several factors that make an exhibition of the work of these two artists particularly compelling but perhaps most significant is that despite years of working together, this is the pair’s first collaboration.

The exhibition opens Friday, July 12 5:30 pm at Liquid Courage Gallery, 19 Patton Street, Palmdale.

John Cox (b. 1973) lives and works in Nassau, Bahamas. Recent exhibitions include, ‘Master Artists of the Bahamas Waterloo’, Iowa
 2011, ‘Negative Space’ at Popopstudios Gallery 2011, ‘Wrestling With the image’, Organization of American States, Washington DC
 2010, and ‘Gust’, a commission at Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Heino Schmid (b. 1976) lives and works in Nassau, Bahamas. Recent exhibitions include a solo presentation at Volta, New York, ‘Into the Mix’, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, USA, 2012 and ‘Wrestling with the Image’, Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, USA, 2011. Heino was awarded the Commonwealth Connections International Residency Award, 2010. He was selected for the Liverpool Biennial 2010, Liverpool, UK.


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