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Marching on at 40

Published: Jul 11, 2013

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As we embark on our 40th year of independence we must celebrate our stable democracy and march to build our future. We are a passionate and proud country; a country of superior athletes, fine artists and intellectuals. We are, however, also a country without direction.

We are an independent nation that needs to accept the responsibility that comes with maturity. Yes, we may consider ourselves young compared to England, but we are by no means an inexperienced country. And certainly the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), first elected to lead in 1967, has the historical advantage to recognize the immense responsibility of leadership it has to influence and define the tone and direction of the modern Bahamas.

Let us embrace this 40th year of independence to set our direction. To press onwards, and march to a “common loftier goal”.

Let us put forth a coherent national development plan and implement it; a development plan with tangible goals and measureable milestones that sets the course of our future; a plan that is not just for political discourse, but a plan to impact the present and future Bahamas.

The PLP’s “Vision 2030: Charting a course of change for The Bahamas” cites a pledge to move the country “upward, forward, onward… together”. Perhaps, it is not so much change that The Bahamas needs, but rather a defining of the “loftier goal” it seeks. If we want The Bahamas to change, we need to know what it is changing to.

During the election campaign, then incumbent Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham pledged a 10-year development plan to be titled Bahamas Jubilee. Whether a development plan is created for five years, 10 years, or 20 years, a plan is needed with tangible goals to guide the country forward.

We don’t need promises. We need a plan of action. We must move past the election, past partisan politics to govern The Bahamas for the people. We must stand by our advertisements that it is “Better in The Bahamas”.

On the mark of our 40th anniversary, July 10, 2013, let us rejoice our past and know our future. We have a great country that we can make better.

March on Bahamaland.

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