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Big boxing invitational scheduled for Discovery weekend in Inagua


Published: Jul 13, 2013

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The Inagua Amateur Boxing Association is poised to organize a boxing extravaganza for the Discovery Day weekend in October.

Coach Harold Seymour has confirmed that following a discussion, the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization (PACBO) is prepared to include Inagua into its outreach development projects. It has agreed to network with a group in Buffalo, New York to look further in the Inagua program.

“We are going to go for a big tournament in October. We appreciate the interest being shown in our program. This is a good opportunity, and we welcome those who want to assist with our development,” said Seymour.

PACBO, through its regional director Meacher Major, recently began communication with the Buffalo group.

Major has been offered the job of managing a boxing facility in Buffalo for the group and the future plan is to stage invitational tournaments that will feature participating teams from throughout the United States, Canada on occasions and definitely The Bahamas.

It is anticipated that at the Discovery Day weekend affair, representatives from PACBO and perhaps Buffalo will be in Inagua.

The idea is for them to view the competition and then do a post-tournament analysis with Seymour and his colleagues.

“I like this. We are willing to work with any situation that will help to push our program and give our young boxers more inspiration. Right now, we are primed to go worth. We have the boxers. The community is interested and all we need is more attention. We have tried very hard with this program. It has been tough, but we pushed on.

“We have taken boxers to New Providence and Grand Bahama and took them also outside of The Bahamas to the Cayman Islands. Now though we want to give them bigger stages. I believe a relationship with PACBO will do us good. I know what the organization has done to help with boxing here.

“I know about equipment that have been donated, and I understand PACBO went to Bimini and established a club. We want to bring as many clubs into the picture so that our fighters will have that much more activities,” added Seymour.

Major, for his part, expressed enthusiasm.

“I have always wanted to do whatever I could to work with PACBO in building boxing in the islands. I traveled with PACBO twice to Bimini and there is potential there for something good to happen. We just have to revisit Bimini and get them going again and keep adding the islands, like Inagua in our focus,” said Major.

He has voiced a desire to time his return visits home to accommodate events like that proposed for Inagua.

More details of the proposed October invitational in Inagua will be announced soon, promised Seymour.


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