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The power to succeed or fail is in you

Apostle Raymond Wells tells members that when grace is accepted through faith, everything believers need will come with it
  • Apostle Raymond Wells.

Guardian Lifestyles Editor

Published: Jul 25, 2013

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The members at Living Waters Kingdom Ministries were told by Senior Pastor Apostle Raymond Wells that the power to succeed or fail rested with them and that in order to succeed their desire for success should be greater than their fear of failure.

Speaking at the recent G5 (Glamorous Girls Giving God Glory) hosted by his wife, Olivia Wells, the pastor told the congregation that the fulfillment of their dreams was within them and nobody else; and that God empowered them to make their own way prosperous.

“When you try some stuff and it seems like it failed, you just found 100 ways to do it wrong – do it again until you get it right,” said Wells.

He told the members that it’s time to discover what’s in them.

“Grace is God’s unmerited faith. It is kindness. It is something given. And you don’t pay for a gift. You receive a gift and all we need to do by faith is receive the kindness and grace of God.”

Wells said grace is God’s kindness and empowerment.

“When we accept his grace, by faith, everything we need comes with it,” he told them.

According to Wells, when people accept grace by faith, everything they need for life and for godliness comes. He said that grace is fully loaded.

“When you receive grace by faith, it’s fully loaded – salvation is fully loaded. The relationship you have with Jesus Christ is fully loaded. Grace is like a fully loaded car, but to benefit from it you must study the manual. If we are going to get everything God intended for us to have in life, it will only happen through knowledge. My people are destroyed, not for the lack of money, a man, job or a position in life – they are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Wherever you lack knowledge, you lack power.”

Wells told the packed church that the church is being “killed” today because some leaders are not informing the people of the principles so that they can apply it to their lives and live victoriously. He told them that he knows that sometimes God by the Holy Spirit will do some things to help people get deliverance, but he said people would not need a miracle or need to cry out for supernatural visitation.

“If the truth be told, miracles were not for the church, it’s for unbelievers,” he told them. “When an unbeliever receives a miracle, an unbeliever believes and repents.”

He told his membership that because they are children of God they have access to miracles, but that it was not how they are supposed to run their lives. He told them that they do not need miracle money, and that they should tithe, give their offering and work the ability God has placed in them. By doing that he told them they would not need to be praying for miracle money.

“The principles in the word of God will keep you healthy. Grace comes and when it comes, it’s fully loaded. We are missing the benefits because we are not working the principle,” said Wells.

After 15 years of ministry, which he said he accomplished by God’s grace, the Living Waters Kingdom Ministries pastor told the congregation that at this stage in his life, he needs manifestation from the preaching and teaching, and that they should be seeking that too.

“I’m at a place right now, if the preacher isn’t manifesting, he can’t have my Sunday – I’ll give him Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – but he can’t have my Sunday because I’m in a season where I need to see the word of God being made flesh in others’ lives,” said Wells.

He called out those people who are tired of church as usual.

“I don’t care if you’re Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Seventh-day, eight-day, not to sure what day, if you’re confessing Jesus, you should be in a season of your life now, especially if you’re over 40, where you’re tired of the pulling and turning and want to see manifestation,” he said.

“You ain’t gonna be stagnated and broke comfortably around me. Grace saves us, seals us and empowers. If you’re saved and sealed you ain’t got nothing to worry about. You sin, you have an advocate – Jesus, the righteous. You just need to go to him and say I messed up.”

Wells told the congregation that they enjoy the benefits of salvation. And that a part of grace that they refuse to tap into is the part of grace that empowers them to walk into the fullness of who God calls them to be.

He told them that because of God’s grace, all people have been given gifts or a gift – natural and spiritual – with the ability to work it in the earth so that they can be prosperous and productive, and that they have the ability to get those gifts out of them.

Wells reminded them that he was a carpenter by trade that was his natural gift, and that his spiritual gift was that he was an apostle in the body of Christ. The pastor told his members that whenever God gives them gifts he gives them tools to work it.

“As an apostle, he gave me the tools I need to effectively work the gift. I could not be an apostle if the word of wisdom is not operating in my life, the word of knowledge, the ability to interpret tongues, so I have the tools to effectively work the gift,” he said.

“As a carpenter, my natural gift, I cannot be an effective carpenter without tools, so whatever gift God gives you, you have the tools to work it.”

Wells reminded his members that God placed gifts within all of his people and gave them the ability to work them. He said he’s often told that he sets the bar too high, but he said it doesn’t bother him because he believes that is what people of excellence do.

“The power to succeed or fail is in you. The fulfillment of your dreams lies within you and nobody else. You make your own way prosperous, and God empowered you to be able to do it,” said Wells.


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