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You can’t get away with it!

TIme to Think

Published: Aug 01, 2013

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Now, some may be a bit puzzled by the title of today's article “You can't get away with it!”saying, you can't get away with what D. Paul? Well, in a nutshell, you can't get away with anything in life. Now, could you explain that a bit further D. Paul as I'm still not certain of exactly where you're coming from. Well, let me put it like this. Let's say for example, that a person robs a bank and actually does not get caught, they appear to have completely got away with their dastardly act, their crime. Everyone who knew about this particular story, would completely disagree with what I'm stating in today's title “You can't get away with it!” saying that obviously some people do get away with committing terrible acts which are completely unlawful. To which I would say, do you really think that anyone gets away with acts of any kind, because quite frankly I don't, for I know that the universe and our individual life are governed by a set of universal principles, which always work.

The universal law of cause and effect states quite clearly that as we sow, so shall we reap. You see, in reality, although we should all work within the Laws of our particular country and therefore not break them, in the end let's never forget, that we all have to answer to a higher power. That's right, we may not actually get caught as we partake in criminal activity which is against the laws of our country, and thus feel that we are free. But my friend, as hard as you may try, you can't get away from universal law, so you will indeed in the end, have to pay the price for all of your wrongdoings for the law states, that as we sow, so shall we reap!

But D. Paul many may protest, I personally know someone who committed a very serious crime and he never got caught, he got away with it, and actually died some years ago without being brought to justice. My friend, the universal law of cause and effect is timeless, and is not just limited to this present life on planet earth. Yes, I believe in reincarnation, and the law of karma will ensure, that if one does not suffer the consequences of their evil deeds in this life, they most certainly will pay the price in a future life — it's inevitable for that's the law — God's law — the law of cause and effect — the law of karma. Yes my friend, no matter what anyone tells you, in the real world — God's world, you can't get away with it. No you can't!


Email:dpr@corporatemotivation.org.Listen to “Time to Think” the radio program on STAR 106.5 FM at 8:55 a.m. & 6:20 p.m.



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