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Troubled times teach us

TIme to Think

Published: Aug 07, 2013

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I don't know about you, but I personally have seen a whole lot of troubled times in my life. I've experienced marital problems, financial difficulties, health problems, business failures, and many other quite painful experiences. But you know what, I don't regret these troubled times because I know, that everything that has happened to me and my life in the past, good and bad, has ultimately contributed to me being who I am today. Now, whilst I've obviously enjoyed the good times, I've also learned some excellent lessons in living from my many failures along the way. And my friend, this is the really important lesson which I wish to get over to everyone here today. We all go through some troubled times as we travel the road of life, it's inevitable, life has its ups and downs, its highs and lows for that’s the way the universe operates, in cycles, as I have written about on innumerable occasions in the past.

However, so often in life we learn some of our greatest, and indeed most important lessons in living from the tough, the troubled times, the times when everything appears to be going terribly wrong, and quite definitely not as we foresaw it, as we planned it. I honestly believe, that life is a journey, a journey of discovery to hopefully learn lessons in living which will finally bring us to the promised land.

However, in travelling this road, we have to realize, that at times it will not be easy. In fact, it probably will be exceptionally difficult. However, we all need to, as the title of today's article suggests, let troubled times teach us.

Let’s face it, most of the extremely successful people in the history of the world, in just about every field of endeavor, were at some point in their lives miserable failures. Yes indeed, many failed repeatedly, but in their failings, they finally learnt what does not in fact work, and then moved on with their lives and careers to experience great success. As Edison put it after reportedly failing 10,000 times in trying to perfect the electric light bulb, “I didn't fail, I just learned about 10,000 ways in which it would not work.” What a great attitude Edison had.

Sometimes, we need to, through making mistakes, going through troubled times actually learn what does not work, so that we can finally move on to great success. So my friend, in conclusion, as you go through troubled times, don't lose heart, but instead, let the troubled times teach you how to eventually succeed.


Email:dpr@corporatemotivation.org.Listen to “Time to Think” the radio program on STAR 106.5 FM at 8:55 a.m. & 6:20 p.m.


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