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Lady Sharks stop Wildcats in five

Wildcats commit nine errors in the first two innings
Guardian Sports Reporter

Published: Aug 12, 2013

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If the Sigma Wildcats could change anything in their game with the Proper Care Lady Sharks, it would be the amount of errors made in the first and third innings.

Between the two innings the Wildcats had committed nine errors that lead to six runs. The Sharks 12-5 won the first game in the New Providence Softball Association (NPSA) played Saturday night at the Bankers Field located in the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex. The Sharks capitalized on the many dropped and bobbled balls, batted into the outfield, early in the first inning. They were able to put up five runs on the board before Nadia Thompson was tagged out, heading to second.

As for the Wildcats, the only batter to get on base, in that inning, was Maryann Ferguson. She would die on third after Alex Gabriel sent Jeanette Hilton back to the dugout. Hilton was Gabriel’s third strike for that inning.

Wildcats’ pitcher Mary ‘Cruise’ Edgecombe-Sweeting opened the second with a strike, leaving Lashanda Bethel looking at the umpire questioning the call. Tenka Munroe stepped to the plate and knocked the ball back towards Edgecombe-Sweeting who let it roll pass her, in the direction of Katrel Dorsette. Dorsette would bobble the ball before throwing it over to first baseman Lindsay Clarke. The second error in that inning came off a pop fly that hit the glove of Wandalee Burrows who scrambled to make the play. The delayed reaction and juggling of the ball by Renee Davis off a base hit that rolled up the middle created havoc for the Wildcats. The team was tagged with two more errors while the Lady Sharks celebrated another run.

“We started off really good but then we had a lapse,” said Stephen Beneby, head coach of the Lady Sharks. “It’s not like Alex was tired, I think she loss focus. Other than that we are ready to roll and this game is just proof that we are the better team of the two.

“Right now we are getting over the little things where we have girls going back to school, I have about six or seven girls leaving so what you see tonight is what I have for the rest of the season. I don’t think them leaving will affect us because at the beginning when we got off to a good start they weren’t here. They did help us out in the middle of the season when some of our players went on vacation. But now all of our players are back and I am counting on them. We have some tricks up our sleeves and I am ready to go.”

As far as the Wildcats are concerned, the errors made in the game came from rust and a lack of practice. Right fielder, Stephanie Goodridge also noted that a number of the calls made were in favor of the Lady Sharks but her team tried to play through the tough calling.

She said: “From the first inning the calls were coming at us. Mary threw three good balls across the plate and the umpire didn’t give it to us, he called them balls. The team got down after that and we started to make errors, which caused them to go up like five runs. We did rally back and should have won that game. They had one umpire calling. The second umpire came in the fourth inning and made that controversial call on second base just now and that caused us the game.

“We don’t have any problems with our team and that win was nothing based on youth or us being older. Don’t look at our age. We might be older than they are but we are fundamentally sound and that takes us through thus far.”

The action in the New Providence Softball Association (NPSA) will continue tomorrow evening with two games.

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