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Longevity in a constantly changing world

Business fluctuations inspire new approaches
  • The Armoury Company.

Guardian Business Reporter

Published: Aug 16, 2013

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As the world and technology changes constantly, the Amoury Company Ltd., established in 1941, has found itself evolving as well. And that longevity has led to the firm being in business for more than six decades.

“Though it’s been challenging, we have been able to maintain our level of expertise and confidence in the business market,” Gareth Lewis, the company’s director, revealed in this week’s edition of Da Plunge.

Currently, the Amoury Company has 40 employees and two locations, one in Palmdale and the other in Freeport, on Settler’s Way.

Known as a leader in technology, the Amoury Company represents major brands and provides services like computer servicing, installation and point of sale to retail.

“If you look back at the history of the company, we started selling typewriters, punch clocks and very manual mechanical instruments. We were there as the market migrated to computers, punched programs, disks and jump drives,” Lewis said.

“We have always been in the technology business. And as technology changed and evolved, we have been able to evolve along with that. This is in addition to having niche machines that are only in a few companies in The Bahamas because of the type of machines that they are.

“Our longevity in the business is what sets us apart from the competition.”

Lewis noted that while most of the company’s clientele is corporate, it also caters to consumers.

“For us, business has been fluctuating so we had to make a decision and create new

avenues. As the world and technologies have changed, we here at the Amoury Company has had to adapt to those changes,” he explained.

“Though it’s been challenging, we have been able to maintain our level of expertise and confidence in the business market.

“Over the years as technology changes, we have had to re-educate staff. You do have those peaks and valleys where a level of training and knowledge has to be developed among staff.

“We’re known as a business-to-business company that provides technology solutions for businesses.”

Lewis added that in the coming years he is hoping that the Amoury Company will be in a better position that will lead to the expansion of the business.

“We will continue to bring in leading technology to The Bahamas. It’s something that we have been able to do over the years. One of the things that we monitor is growth, we have to continue our growth pattern and offer leading solutions to the business sector. We are looking at that because we do have licenses to operate in other Family Islands,” he said.


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