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The foreign minister and the Cuban situation

Published: Aug 23, 2013

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Dear Editor,

While I don’t think that the United States government has any more right to meddle in our internal affairs than we in theirs, the repeated allegations of brutality at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre are well documented and if substantiated should not be condoned by our government nor any right-thinking Bahamian.

In self-defense of his conduct in the ongoing Cuban detainee debacle Minister Fred Mitchell stated, “I have never met a more unpatriotic, un-Bahamian group than the FNM. They opposed independence and now they are siding with enemies of The Bahamas against Bahamians.”

Would the minister, or his boss, kindly enlighten us when exactly members of the United States Congress and members of the Cuban-American community became enemies of the state? Or does this state of war only exist in the minister’s own mind?

– A patriotic but not bamboozled Bahamian

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