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Gauling Project announces new online writing workshops

Published: Aug 24, 2013

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Bahamian writer, performer, educator and Gaulin Project founder Helen Klonaris continues her work in the development of the writing community with two new workshops and a writing retreat.

‘Writing Down the Body’

Our bodies are sites of rich and powerful stories. Some of them wet with grief or rigid with rage. Others tremble with desire or sing with delight. Everything we have lived has been experienced through our skin, our eyes, our ears, our bellies, our feet.

What stories does your body want to tell? What journeys does your body want to give voice to? What challenges have you overcome on those journeys, and what gifts did you uncover along the way? Who will you become as you give your body the freedom, and the right to speak?

In this eight-week online creative writing workshop, participants will be guided gently and soulfully through a variety of techniques to invite and coax the body to voice and to story. No previous writing experience is necessary.

“Writing Down the Body” will run from September 6 to October 25.

‘Writing Down A Life’

We have so many stories to tell. Without the telling of our stories, so much of our lives remain underground, unseen and untold. The telling of our stories allows us to bring those stories above ground and into the light, to make sense of what we have lived through those experiences which have brought us to our knees, or lifted us to the sky, or carried us to hell and back. Those experiences which we have yet to explain to ourselves. We write so we can understand. So we can heal. So we can live new stories.

What are the stories you have to tell? What are the stories that you must tell before you die? What are the stories that keep you awake at night? That make you laugh out loud when you remember them? That are calling you to make them visible to yourself and the world?

Over the course of two months, you will learn how to draw out the stories from your experiences, and use craft to give your stories a place on the page and in the world. This is an excellent course for beginning memoir writers.

"Writing Down A Life", an online beginning memoir workshop, will run from October 11 to November 29.

‘Remembering Ourselves: Healing Our Colonial Legacy’

One of the ways colonization hurts us is by stripping us of our memory of who we were, of our ancestral lineages, and of the cultural richness of those lineages. Who we are as a people and who we can become depends on how well we can remember who we were and where we have come from.

In this full day retreat, we will remember where we have come from as Bahamians of African, Asian, and European descent. We will ask ourselves and each other how our shared colonial legacy has impacted our lives and our social relations. We will bear witness to each others' stories. We will explore how we might transform our relationships to the past and to each other in the present.

Through stories, dialogue, quiet contemplation, and imagination, we will bring healing to the past and envision what it means to live as beloved community in the present.

This day-long retreat takes place 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on October 12 at a venue to be announced.

• Visit www.helenklonaris.com for full details on courses and to register for the fall workshops or email thegaulinproject@gmail.com for more info.

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