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Let’s boycott those bully Miami Cubans

Published: Aug 27, 2013

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Dear Editor,

I am so angry with those Miami Cubans who have been the tail wagging the American dog for so long that they have become intolerably arrogant.

I hope that our government and all patriotic Bahamians will make it clear to them that we don’t like what they are trying to do to our country and that we will not allow them to become the tail that wags the Bahamian potcake.

It is crystal clear what their strategy is.

On no account should our government give in to the blatant manipulation they are carrying on with. Furthermore, all Bahamians should stand together on this issue regardless of partisan politics.

I, for one, will retaliate in my little way by refusing to shop with any of the businesses owned by the Miami Cubans and I hope all those Bahamians who flock to Florida to shop will do the same.

— Patriot

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