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Why do we pay taxes?

Published: Aug 28, 2013

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Dear Editor,

We as a citizenry pay our taxes to our government to ensure that certain basic needs are offered in return at a reasonable level.

Education: We know we have an antiquated system that must reinvent itself. The system is failing its participants. We see the results every day in the headlines.

Security: Crime and the fear of crime have crippled this island. The men who are responsible for enforcing the laws choose not to and appear lost at sea as the criminals run wild wreaking havoc on the lives of the law abiding citizens.

Border protection: The Bahamas has become a place that willingly allows many nationalities to illegally enter, squat and flourish in our country without consequence. All while the resources are being quickly depleted leaving little for the citizens who actually contribute.

Cleanliness: Trash collection and basic maintenance and upkeep of our streets, parks and public spaces have reached an all-time low. Look around you. The sights are deplorable.

Our government is failing us.

By no means am I advocating for anyone not to pay their taxes. I am advocating that we put party politics aside and demand more from our elected officials regardless of which party they represent and regardless of which party you support.

For far too long political divisions have distracted us from what is really important — national progress.

Call your Member of Parliament and voice your concerns and demand more from them.

— Farrell Goff

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