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Behavior of MPs and senators disappointing

Published: Aug 29, 2013

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Dear Editor,

I want to speak to the honorable members of the House of Assembly and the Senate as regards their conduct.

It is disappointing, and to a degree, shameful, the manner in which our parliamentarians behave themselves in these places of honor, and outside in the public arena.

Let me hasten to remind you ladies and gentlemen that you were elected, or appointed to do the business of the electorate, to represent and carry out the wishes of the people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, not your own selfish agendas.

We the people thought you to be worthy and capable of managing our national affairs and entrusted you to give good, transparent accounts of your stewardship as you conduct business on behalf of our nation.

You are expected to demonstrate and exercise good judgment and discretion as you relate to each other when there is cause for disagreement on any matter, not speak in a demeaning or disrespectful tone or language, and compare yourselves with each other’s level of academia.

Let not your mouth cause your reputation to be brought into question. You are called to a high standard of morality and good judgment. Remember that you are a symbol of greatness, and your influence reaches far and wide in the society, therefore, you should not treat casually and carelessly, the high office to which you have been called.

There are times when, as is human, you will be tempted to “get back” at someone who disagrees with you and you may even say something you consider offensive. That’s the time your better judgment should prevail rather than your emotions.

Remember, “what you don’t like don’t give”, so I call on all of you whom we, the good “God-fearing” people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, have seen fit to entrust our affairs and have elevated to these honorable positions of honor, that you will act honorably as you carry on the business you were called on to conduct. And prove yourselves deserving of such honor and trust.

— Bishop Simeon C. Wallace

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