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It all boils down to customer service

  • Nadia Dean.

Published: Aug 30, 2013

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Name: Nadia Dean

Position: Soon Come Back liaison, Sandals Royal Bahamian


1. Can you briefly describe your experience in the tourism sector and what your role is today?

I’ve been through several departments at Sandals Royal Bahamian. I spent seven years in the spa before spending some time in weddings. When the Soon Come Back desk opened, I was recommended for the position, and I have been in this position for almost six years. My role at the Soon Come Back desk at Sandals is to ensure our guests continue to build their loyalty with our brand. I had to work a while to become a member of the Chairman’s Millionaire Club because Soon Come Back is based on people who actually keep their reservations. No, I am not a millionaire.


2. Why did you choose to work in tourism as a career?

 For the most part, my entrance into the tourism sector was serendipity. I did several classes at the Hotel Training College to grow myself as an individual, all the while finalizing a move to Freeport. While on the way to catch my flight to Grand Bahama, I got a call from Sandals Royal Bahamian and the rest, as they say, is history.


3. What has been your most memorable moment?

 While I was extremely excited to be inducted to the Chairman’s Millionaire Club, I can’t really say there has been one thing. I have made so many friends over the years – that’s really what it is. My guests are what my job is really about. And that is what loyalty is really about. Some of these people have become family to me, and so they are my memorable moments.


4. Has the industry changed since you started your career? How?

I think it has. Things like September 11 made you watch the industry change right in front of your eyes. Obviously, the product we put out has to continuously grow and become better. Our people have to change and grow and become more competitive. We could lose what we have so quickly.


5. What should The Bahamas focus on to stay competitive?

 It all boils down to customer service because everywhere has sun and sand and hotels, but it is the service that causes people to come back. My guests tell me that. They have been to other resorts, but it is the service and the staff here at Sandals that truly causes them to come back.


6. What advice would you give to a young person who is considering a career in tourism?

 Tourism is rewarding. After meeting people from all walks of life, you have to not take things personally and empathize. I love my job, but would love to involve myself more deeply in the tourism industry. In any job, you have to love what you do. You have to make yourself available when an opportunity arises. You have to take a leap of faith. When I was trying to transfer full-time into the weddings department they were starting Soon Come Back. I didn’t think twice about taking on the new role.


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