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Ongoing violence in New Providence

Published: Sep 05, 2013

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It has been difficult to keep up with the number of murders in New Providence over the last week or so. Police recorded three murders yesterday. In total, 11 people were murdered on the island in the last 12 days.

After murder record after murder record, the Free National Movement (FNM) lost the 2012 general election. The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) said it had the answers. And it said it would be ready on day one to bring better governance if elected. In 2012, a year the PLP shared governance with the FNM, the country recorded its second highest murder count. This year based on the rate of violence, sadly, it appears there will be more than 100 murders again recorded in The Bahamas – most of these killings happening in New Providence.

So much has been said in recent years about crime in the country by newspapers, commentators, politicians, police officers, attorneys and preachers. Ideas have been thrown out, debates had and solutions offered. Thus far no mix of measures has been implemented to bring the crime rate in The Bahamas (really New Providence) to a reduced rate. Few feel safe on this beautiful island.

We were hopeful a month or so ago when police said crime was trending downward. However, the spate of killings in recent days does not give anyone hope that that is still the case.

We wonder what honest law-abiding Bahamians think at this stage – especially those who live in our main island. They vote out governments and vent on talk radio. Yet, the killings and robberies and break-ins continue. Who do you turn to when your leaders on all sides of the political divide have no answers to the most pressing issue of the times?

It is a depressing and sobering moment when people of good will come to believe that none of the political parties in the democratic process in their land can do decisively better on the most serious of issues: common security. At this moment the words, pledges and promises of commissioners of police, attorneys general and prime ministers become mere background noise – sounds with little meaning.

If the PLP goes into the next general election with similar murder counts and high crime rates as existed under the FNM, we wonder what the governing party will say? What will the FNM say? What will its members promise us regarding crime?

Many have come to the conclusion that things are bad, they will get no better and that’s just the way it is. On this issue, these are troubling times.


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