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The hunters are now the hunted

Published: Sep 05, 2013

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Dear Editor,

The murder count in the country stands at 80. The homicide count is probably in the mid-80s, but that is another story for another day. This means that on average every 3.15 days there is a murder in the country. If we keep pace with this statistic there will be 116 murders by year’s end.

Many Bahamians believe the recent spate of murders in the country is no coincidence. Deducing from police interviews, there seems to be a turf or gang war going on in New Providence. Renowned gang members from Fire and Theft and One Order are apparently being shot like flies. Many of these young men were once hunters, but now they have become the hunted.

I don’t think many people understand the deep-rooted hatred and psychological deficiency that exists in the country that makes it so easy for these men to pull the trigger and end someone’s life. It is mind-boggling, a travesty and just a no-win situation for all parties concerned.

A recent murder in Nassau Village last week showed the pain that families go through when a loved one is shot dead. Police had to call for backup several times to try to control the crowd’s behavior. No one wants to go through the pain of losing a loved one, especially by way of a brutal attack where the life of the loved one is snuffed out.

According to reports, a lot of these young men are known to police. It seems as if many of them have been involved in serious crime and are quite familiar with illegal gun possession. The paradox in these cases is that despite these young men being ‘rated’ on the streets and armed, they are still being followed and murdered.

There must be some young men involved in these gang activities who are in way above their heads. I am sure they are wondering how they got themselves in their present situations. I am sure that these men don’t want to die like cattle on the streets. But they must realize that the decisions they are making can cause them their lives. You are not invincible. A bullet will affect your body.

There have been many noted street thugs in recent times who have been murdered or have been jailed. I am appealing to the young men who have their freedom at this moment to think long and hard before they make a move that could cost them their lives. I heard some guys talking several years ago and one said to the other, “Your face ain’t too big to go on a T-shirt.”

Our young men are being hunted like cattle. There are many families out there who have condoned and are still condoning the criminal behavior of their loved ones. They know exactly the nefarious activities that their loved ones are engaged in but turn a blind eye. Please, I say to you, encourage them to turn away from a life of crime. There are many testimonies from people who were gangbanging before and now they have turned their lives around and are positively contributing to society.

Young men, you can choose life or death. It’s not cool to be a gangster. The only cool thing about being a gangster is that you can end up in an ice box at the morgue. Families, please don’t wait until your loved one is lying in the middle of a road riddled with gunshot wounds. By then, it is too late.

– Dehavilland Moss

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