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Starting with cleanliness

Published: Sep 09, 2013

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Dear Editor,

It is really late to wait until a murder has been committed to be upset. We need to begin to be extremely upset, nationally, when somebody in our midst litters.

Let us tackle and eliminate this crime and the greater crime would seldom occur. Let us tackle noise pollution as well. Let us not wait to consider a horrible beast, the one who leaves a body lifeless for someone to have to pick up. Let us begin to consider those who litter or who pollute the air to be horrible beasts. These acts as well, you see, are expressions of subhuman behavior.

I was shocked yesterday to find the famous Fox Hill Parade scornful with filth. As often as I’d hear it mentioned on radio and on TV, I certainly thought that it was a spot in our history and in our nation that was extremely well kept and well preserved. I thought that it was kept beautiful. I thought it was and indeed it is, culturally, a holy spot. Yesterday it was scornful and filthy. Who makes filthy the areas where we must ourselves live? Certainly not a human being.

Such a person is as nasty as a pig and is overdue for extreme conscientiousness raising. In addition to whatever other penalty, anyone found littering must be made to pick up litter. So many seem to litter mindlessly. Being made to pick up litter, publicly, should certainly make them more mindful of this nasty crime. Taking someone’s life without a second thought occurs along the very same continuum and is committed by someone who is just a little more mindless and a little bit nastier. What lofty things does education attempt to address without first addressing these basic and fundamental issues?

– Obediah Michael Smith

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