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A public relations stunt by a talk show host

Published: Sep 11, 2013

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Dear Editor,

The heated exchange between Real Talk Live host Ortland H. Bodie Jr. and Julian Reid at the crime forum held at St. Joseph’s Community Centre recently was nothing more than a public relations stunt that was put on by the noted talk show host in order to boost ratings for his weekday radio show on More 94.9 FM.

This latest episode reminds me of a similar incident involving Bodie at a forum on gaming which was held in the weeks leading up to the gaming referendum on January 28.  On that occasion he attempted to exceed his allotted time to either pose a question or posit a comment to the panelists by hogging the microphone.

On both occasions, Bodie was able to get free advertisements on the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas for Real Talk Live.  Hundreds of Bahamians who tuned in to the crime and gaming forums, and who are not numbered among his purported thousands of listeners in The Bahamas and millions of listeners around the world via the Internet, were able to get a glimpse of the man who claims to be the number one radio talk show host in The Bahamas.

His behavior at the forum was embarrassing, silly and totally uncalled for.  After having been escorted out of the public hall, Bodie then cried shame on several high ranking police officials who were present and the (Progressive Liberal Party) government.  Does this mean he is no longer a PLP supporter?  He used to be an Ingrahamite and supposedly an FNM.

Some months ago he appeared to have jumped on to the Hubert Minnis bandwagon.  I think he has since jumped off that bandwagon.  At times he appears to be an avid supporter of Sir Lynden Pindling and Philip Brave Davis.  I also recall reading an opinion piece he wrote in support of Branville McCartney.  I think he used to claim that he is apolitical.

Folks like Bodie are all over the place.  No political party can rely on their fidelity because they have taken multi-partisanship to its logical extension.  I am glad though that the crime forum moderator put an end to Bodie’s PR stunt.  Rather than trying to use the government sponsored crime forum to promote Real Talk Live, he should have followed protocol just like everyone else and adhered to the rules.  You are not allowed to advertise freely on More 94.9 FM, especially during Bodie’s talk show, so why should he get a freebie at the expense of the taxpayers?

– Kevin Evans

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