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The poor treatment of horses

Published: Sep 12, 2013

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Dear Editor,

Far too many visitors leave Nassau with awful memories of emaciated, exhausted horses rather than recollections of the beauty of the island. I know because calls and e-mails pour into our office from tourists who are appalled by the suffering of the horses.

Life on the streets is misery for the horses who have to pull oversized loads in arduous weather conditions. They breathe in lung-searing exhaust fumes and plod along scorching asphalt. They constantly must avoid collisions with careless or impatient drivers – not always successfully. There’s no relief in their “off” hours. The horses live in squalor, often with no shelter. They are routinely denied wholesome food, fresh water and veterinary and farrier care.

Times and sensibilities have changed, and it’s time for the carriages to go. These cruel throwbacks have no place on Nassau.

– Jennifer O’Connor, PETA Foundation


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