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Can Minnis survive?

Published: Sep 17, 2013

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Dear Editor,

It is interesting watching Dr. Hubert Minnis try to lead the FNM. He clearly does not have the support of the Hubert Ingraham faction of the party.

Those men and women and Minnis seem at odds. It’s unclear if he distanced himself from them first or if they withdrew support for him after he said the Ingraham era is over. But whatever is the case, there is no love between the new FNM leader and the followers of the old one.

Minnis must realize at this stage that the Ingraham followers will never support him. They don’t think he can win. They don’t think he has the characteristics of a leader. Minnis must also realize that since they are not on his side he should perceive the Ingrahamites as he does the PLP. Both are his political enemies. Both groups will do all they can to tear him down from his post as FNM leader.

It is unclear if Minnis has what it takes to remain FNM leader. Party members have been looking for some time to find someone to defeat him. Loretta Butler-Turner, the party’s deputy leader, wants the good doctor’s job. We all know she is coming strong at the next convention to try and take the top job in the party away from the current leader. There is also talk of people like Tommy Turnquest, Dr. Duane Sands and Zhivargo Laing seeking some office at the next convention.

Minnis must get ready for an internal war over the next 12 months or so. There is no consensus in his party that he should be leader. If he wants a chance to face the PLP at the next general election, he will have to first defeat all those FNMs who want to take him out.

– Darwin R. Luther

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