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The abuse of surrey horses

Published: Sep 20, 2013

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Dear Editor,

I am writing due to concerns that many of us here in The Bahamas have regarding the surrey horses.

I am Bahamian and ashamed and embarrassed about this archaic and barbaric ‘tourist attraction’. The working and living conditions are absolutely awful as are their lives in general.

One of the drivers told me (and this was one of the ‘inspections’): “If he don’t work for a week, he don’t get fed for a week.”

That is the mentality of the people working for this ‘tourist attraction’.

The environment and conditions that these horses live and work in is absolutely appalling. This has been going on for years. If a horse or carriage fails inspection, the driver still takes him to the port and works him. If a horse collapses on the street and dies, it is replaced really quickly. This doesn’t make sense given that the operators/drivers are always complaining about money and how they can’t make a living. If this is the case, they certainly can’t afford a new horse or even the importation of them.

Reports are people seeing the horses with blood running out of their noses, severely lame, with whip marks, shoes hanging off and emaciation. There have been several incidents where the carriages have fallen apart with tourists on them. And still nothing is done.

This is a cruel and heinous abuse of animals.

– Paula Caruana

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