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‘Where Heroes Lay’

  • Lavar Munroe, Mock Installation for ‘Where Heroes Lay’.

Published: Sep 21, 2013

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Bahamian artist Lavar Munroe will be exhibiting his installation “Where Heroes Lay” as part of the (e)merge Art Fair in Washington D.C.

The installation will comprise a colony of nine life-sized cardboard beds, made from soiled cardboard pieces sourced from the homeless’ sleeping quarters.

Munroe has engaged in a material exchange with a homeless person in Downtown, D.C. Periodically, the artist has been removing soiled cardboard pieces from the homeless’ sleeping quarters and replacing it with clean cardboard.

In a sense, the artist has become a maid.

“It’s great! My workspace smells like alcohol, cigarettes, pee and body odor,” said Munroe.

Using flour and water to bond the minced cardboard pieces together, the artist will transform the reclaimed material into precious artifacts that if needed can function as usable objects.

Munroe claims that he is less interested in the idea of social practice, though it seems as if this is a social exercise.

“My intention is trickery, whereby I embody the trickster on various levels. My role is to inconspicuously induct the homeless person as The Hero, hence my gesture of serving him. Second, my intention is to present The Hero’s soiled bedding material as a consumer good in the art-market. In the sphere, the objects will serve as weapons of critique and ridicule targeted towards mainstream society,” said Munroe.

‘Where Heroes Lay’ will be on display at (e)merge Art Fair at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, from October 4 through October 6.

• Originally published by arcthemagazine.com

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